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In the month of May, 1622. 




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The Compiler has spared no pains in collecting information 
on this subject ; and yet he is apprehensive there are some inac* 
uracies. It has been a source of pleasure to hjm, which he 
readily acknowledges, that in all cases where he has applied 
for information^ with one exception, they appeared to do it with 
cheerfulness. In that case, every exertion has been used to 
obtain a knowledge of his and his fatherVifainily* It is believed 
. the knowledge obtained is tolerably correct, except their births, 
which the Town Clerk said would require considerable research, 
owing to the want of arrangenient in the recorcte^ 

N. B. Those names in the body of this work, printed in 
Small Capitals, were engaged in the service of their country, in 
the Revolution. Those in Italic, were engaged in the old 
French War. 

AU the dates i£ tl^.ir«^,«4itt old «^ m ^ year 17S3, 
then they are vwrt^d in tew;8tyS?; 

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John Thomson, was born in the north of Wales, in 
the year 1616. It is said his father died shortly after his 
birth, and his mother married again. The name of the 
step-father is concealed from the memory of man, behind 
that impenetrable veil of oblivion, which time b spreading 
over the generations of man. The legal parents became 
the protectors of the child. He went where they went, and 
received his scanty education from their lips. 

He came to this country in the third embarcation from 
England. The second, which arrived at Plymouth, was 
Capt. Robert Cushman, in the Fortune, bringing thirty-five 
families, the remainder of Robinson's society. Nor. 11th, 
162t. The third arrival was two vessels, containing sisLty 
or seventy men, some of them had families, under the 
patronage of Thomas Weston, a merchant of distinction, 
in Iiondon. Among this number, was the subject of this 
treatise. They landed at Plymouth early in the month of 
May, 1622. John Thomson was then in the siith yeat 
of his age. 

Whether originally all, who bear the orthoepy of the 
family name, wer€ of the same family, cannot now easily 
be ascertained. The first knowledge we ^ave of the name 
with any certainty, is from the ancient record of heraldry, 

Digitized byV^OOQlC- 

when aristocracy ioTented a badge, to distinguish th« 
royal degrees of family ^eatoess* Tfic^ the name was 
familiarly koowD in England, Scotland and Ireland. They 
each spelt the name differently, and were oofisidered as 
distinct families. They each selected a diffei'ent badge 
of heraldry. 

Those in the southwestern part of England spelt their 
name Tompson. There was one descended from this 
family, settled in the ministry at Berwick, on the Piscata- 
qua river, Re.v. John Tompson. Those in Ireland, spelt 
their name Thompson. Those in the south of Scotland, 
spelt their name Thomson. Of this family were the cele- 
brated poet James Thomson, and Charles Thomson, the 
Secretary of the Continental Congress, in revolutionary 
days. The north of W^ales being contiguous to Scotland, 
we are led to consider the subject of our inquiry a de- 
scendant of the Scottish family, and not of the Irish. 

The circumstance of his youth, when he arrived in 
this country, and the limited means of education which 
he had, would lead us to conclude, he did not know his 
lineage. This conclusion is strengthened from the cir- 
cumstance, the signature to his will is spelt Tomson. 
This may^not be viewed strange or unaccountable, when 
we bear on our minds, the vast number of pers<in's in Eu- 
rope, who then and even now, have no specific knowl- 
edge of their grand parents. Even in our own country, 
with all the means of education and records, cases may 
easily be found, where a person could not tell from what 
nation in Europe his progenitor descended. We natur- 
ally look amongst the best informed in that day for cor- 
rect information. In his deed of Spring-liill, his name is 
spelt Thomson. Rev. John Cotton, the first minister ta 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 

Halifax, spelt his name in this way ; and the records of 
the town of Mendon, spell the name in the same manner. 
The letter p was not introduced into the name by any of 
his descendants, till a century and a half had rolled 

Tradition is silent respecting any incident in his life, till 
he arrived to manhood. Then it presents him to us in 
many events interesting and entertaining. It appears 
from his will, he was a carpenter. Besides building 
houses for others, he built one for himself in each of the 
places he selected as a settlement, and one for each of his 
sons, John and Jacob, in the latter place. Tradition says 
he built the first framed Meeting-house in Plymouth, and 
as a compensation for his labor, the town gave him a deed 
of a piece of land, from the Market-house, back, extend- 
ing to the herring-brook, now called Spring-hill. 

He married xMar3cCook, the second daughter of Fran- 
cis Cook, who was one of the first adventurers in 1620. 

John Thomson makes his first appearance as a farmer, 
at Sandwich. He purchased in that part of the town called 
Nobscusset, where he lived a few years. He thought he 
could better his fortune for himself and children, by mov- 
ing into the more interior part of the country. He accor- 
dingly selected a place, thirteen miles west of Plymouth, 
on the confines of Bridgewater, Middleborough, and what 
wa« then called Plymouth, now Halifax. Here he built a 
log house in Middleborough, about twenty rods west of the 
Plymouth line, where he lived till the house was burnt by 
the Indians. 

His settlement amidst a surrounding savage enemy, 
must have been attended with many troubles and fearful 
ipprehen»ion«. He must have felt the need of all the 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


confidence in God that religbn couid aiibrd, wbich 
brought our fathers into this country. He ielt the neces- 
sity of using every precaution which his ingenuity could 
suggest, or his wisdom dictate. Orni tradition has handed 
down to us a few incidents illustrative of this remark. 

There was at that day, a stream of water near the west 
side of the house, where fish resorted, but the hand of 
improvement has caused it to become dry for a considera- 
ble distance — and even then nothing hut a rill. One mor- 
ning, he had caught some fish, his wife had them over the 
fire cooking ; two Indians came into the house in a very 
morose manner ; one of the Indians went to the pot and 
pulled out one of the fish by the tail, upon which she re- 
proved him very sharply — the other Indian then drew his 
knife and brandished it at her in a threatening manner — 
she immediately seized the splinted broom, and heroically 
drove them out of the house. Their behavior was such, 
it excited a fearful alarm in her mind. This she related 
to her husband when he came in, which led them to go 
that night to the garrison at Middleborough, a distance of 
seven miles. After peace was concluded they returned 
to their farm. There is another instance related* worthy 
of notice. Three Squaws came to the house one after- 
noon, and were exceedingly friendly — they were very oflS- 
cious^n proffered assistance and varied acts of kindness ; 
they went with her into the garden, and cheerfully assist- 
ed in picking beans for the next day's repast. This singu- 
'lar benavior she related to her husband on his return — he 
replied, '< we must instantly pack up our things, and go 
to the garrison." 

There is an oral anecdote of a policy which he adapted 
for his preservation firom Indian suifrise. He agreed 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 

^tlk a man by the name^ JabgsT Soiule, irlie bftct Mtlied 
ki the northwestdrn p»rt oC what is now called Plyttpton^ 
lo eatiGe a young Incli^Mi to come and liv« witli them^ and 
learn to work and live like the English. They snceeeded 
in their overtures^^the Indian ^ame and lived with ieach 
ol them alternately, two week®. They studied to please 
him by flattery, and in every little eompetitioo of strength 
or agility, by giving him the advantage, or yi*^lding to his 
superiority. When the Indians agreed to make war on 
their white neighbors, this young Indian wonld secretly 
steal away and join them — his absence became aWAiHing 
immediateiy to repair to the garrison. When ^hey had 
made peace with the English, this young Indian would 
return and live with them ; in this management be igno- 
rantly became their protactor. One day, while this young 
Indian was at work with our ancestor, he <rfwerved to 
the Indian, ** I wonder they never attempted to kill me." 
•• MastCT," said the Indian, ** I have cocked my gun 
many a time to shoot you, but I loved you so well, I could 


At another time, on a Sabbath morning, wfeile his wife 
and children had rode to meeting, several Indians came 
into his house, in a turbulent manner ; he was appr^en- 
aive his life was in danger— he took his seat in the corwer 
of the room, with his noted gun in his lap-4his so tenriii^ 
«d these cowardly intruders, they soon left the house. 
Their behavior within and without was such, he was con- 
vinced all was not right. He butied his money, and hid bis 
most valuable things in the most secluded places. Whe« 
bis family returned from meeting, they F^Pf^ed to goto 
the garriion-they started before ^^/^^V'^^y,!^'^^^^ 
had not gone more than two mdes, before the light of the 

Digitized by V^OOQ IC 


0^,^^ting element, taij^ them the fate of thek hduae. 
On hb way to the garrison, be passed by the ^ettiemeat 
of a Mr. DaQson, in Middleborougb, bat he coRclnded 
not to go till early in the morning; he had rode but a 
short distance in the mornings when he stopped his horse 
to drink, this gave the Indians an opportunity, and they 
shot hifli. Tl^ rill where he was shot, is called Danson's 
brook. The next day, our ancestor sent his son John, 
with two others from the garrison, to the deserted farm, 
to take oare of any thing worth saving ; in passing the hol- 
low between the fort and where the Congregattonal Meeting 
House ilbw stands, he discovered in the horse-path, apair 
of leather shoes, and at a short distance farther a beaver 
hat, which belonged to Danson. He considered theni a 
decoy, and put his horse in full speed; when they return- 
ed neither of them were there. 

The people^ who were capable of bearing arms, met and 
chose our ancester their commander. He formed his men 
in. a solid square, and there were four men in front, and 
four men deep. He applied to the Governor and Council 
at Plymouth for a commission ; but they considered the 
company so small, gave him a general commission as Lieu- 
tenant commandant, not only of the field, but of the gar- 
rison, and all posts of danger. Thus commissioned, he 
equipped himself and company with a gun, a brass pistol, a 
sword and a halbert. The gun is supposed to have been 
brought into this country with them. It is of the follow- 
ing description : The whole length of the stock and bar- 
rel, seven feet, four and a half Inches; the length of the 
barrel, six feet one inch and a half; the size of the cali- 
bre will carry twelve balls to the pound ; the length of the 
face of the lock ten inches ; the whole weight of the gun» 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 


iwentj poands, twel? e oimces. The wh^ length of the 
Bword three feet, five and a iialf inches ; the length of the 
blade from the guard, two feet, eleven inches and three- 
eighths. Iludebras has very accurately described this 

'^For want of use it has grown rusty, 
And ate into the blade for lack 

Of something for to hew and hack.'' 

These two have descended to Capt. Zadock Thomson, 
of Halifax; Capt. Jabez P. Thomson has the hrass pistol; 
Capt. Asa Thomson has the halbert; the top part of the 
halbert is broken off— the present st^ is evidently not 
original. . On the face of it is cut the date of the year 
when made, 1623, 

At the commencement of Philip's war, in 1675, the In- 
dians becanie so morose, the people in the mouth of June, 
fled for safety to the fort, which was built near what is 
caUed the Four Corners in Middleborough. The Indians 
would daily appear on the southeasterly side of the river, 
and ascend what is called the hand-rock, because there 
was the impression of a man's hand indented on it. 
There they would be in fair sight of the fort. Here the 
Indians would present the seat of hqnor to the people in 
the fort, and in an insulting manner would slap their hand 
on it. This they did for several days; there were thirty- 
five famUies in the fort, being all who had settled within 
the town. The people became tired of such daily insults; 
Lieut. Thomson ordered Isaac Howland, a distinguished 
marksman, to take his gun and shoot the Indian in the 
attitude of insulting them ; this he did, by elevating his 
gun, and ffave the Indian a mortal wound in that honora- 
ble part of the body presented to the fort in an in&ulting 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 


manner; Filted with T^venge ft>r their WoCinded compati- 
ion, the i»di&ns immedrat^ly^ toek to the woodd ; rtinnltig 
down the hili to the mill jast below the fort, where the 
miller was at work — the miller discov4sted themeoming, 
seized his coat and fled ; he placed his coat on the end of 
a stick, as he run throag^h the brush to the fort : held the 
coat over his head, and suffice it to say, the coat was per- 
forated with several balls, before he could arrive at the 
fort ; they then burnt the mill. The Indians dragged 
their wounded companion two miles and diree-qtiarters, to 
the deserted hou^of William Nelson, on the farm now 
owned by Major "whomas Bennet. The Indian died that 
night, his companions then buried him with their accus- 
tomed ceremonies, and burnt the house. In the year 
1821, nearly one hundred and fifly years afler the Indian 
had been buried. Major Bennet improved this spot of land, 
and ploughing the same, he disinterred some of his bones, 
a pipe, a stone jug, and a knife, all very much decayed, 
under the slow but all-devouring hand of time. Major 
Bennet actuated by a laudable design, went a few years 
past, and measured the distance from the old fort to the 
rock where the Indian was, and made the astonishing dis- 
tance of 155 rods ; nearly halt a mile. 

In the year 1677, John Thomson built a frame house 
' near the same spot where the former house was burnt, and 
made a garrison of it. He cased all the outer posts, faced 
the joists to the inner side of the sills, -und laid brick 
in mortar on the sills to the beams, and leaving a small 
window on each side to each room. This house occasion^ 
ally underwent various repairs, and was the residence of 
the Mh generation. It was taken down in 1838, having 
been inhabited 160 y«ars. 

Digitized by V^OOQ IC 


As yet we have &m\j viewed the toei^ktuts of bis U(e in 
relatioo to hb woiidty ooneerns. We ougirt not to i>as8 
in silence, the great objeei which led him to come into 
this coORtry. His mcn-aJ and religious character conlains 
useful iostrttction to his desoeiidaifts, and in many respects 
sharply reprove them for their degeneracy. His custom- 
ary hour of rising in the morning was at 4 o'clock, espec- 
ially on the Sabhath morning. The breakfast repast 
must be closed, even in summer, on or before the rising 
sun. He was a regular atten^nt on the duties of the 
sanctuary, and by bis example be showjed that he felt the 
sacredness of liberty of conscience, and was determined 
to improve it, as a precious gift of God. After he had 
made his clearing and moved into his log house, either he 
or his wife would go every Sabbath to Plymouth, the only 
place where they had an Elder to speak to them, a distance 
of more than thirteen miles. We have orally received in- 
formatbn, that his uiie, one year» on two of the Sabbaths 
in June, after breakfast took a cl^iJd six months old in her 
arms, and walked to Plymouth, attended meeting, and re- 
turned home the same day.* 

Nor were his children to the third generation less zeal- 
ous of enjoying the happiness of sanctuary privileges. It 
was a common practice among them to make a cheese on 
Sabbath morning, in the summer, provided they could get 
it under the press before^ the sun arose, and then they 
would prepare to goto meeting. His grand children were 
regttlarly found aipong the worshiping assembly, on the 
Sabbath. It is stated, the cfaihireii of Jacob, his son, 
started one 8abbatb morning for Plymouth, they had to 
cross a dismal swamp, which iay between i^ess^JUnasa 

* Elimabelk, 1654. , 


fitortdirant now lives, and where CakB Loring formerly 
kept a tavern. They arrived near the awanip before day- 
light, and were greatly frightened by the numerous howU 
ings of the wolves^^tbey climbed a large rock which was 
near Amasa Sturtevant's, and there tarried in iearful sus- 
pense till the sun arose. 

CoDvpare their zealous attachment to religious worship 
with those of the present day, and we should little sue- 
pect we were the children of such an ancestor. We cer- 
tainly do not honor bis character, cr feel zealous to assim- 
ilate his piety. We feel it a burden to walk two miles to 
meeting instead of thirteen. 

He closed his industrious- and useful life, June 16th, 
1696, nearly eighty years old. He was buried in the first 
burying ground in Middleborough. His grave remains 
undistinguished from others, except a very small stone, 
which is said to be the second stone erected. Mary, his 
wife died March 21, 1714, in the eighty-eighth year of her 
age. Here he and his wife have silently laid nearly' a 
century and a half. It would be an honorable act, which 
posterity might view with pleasing emotion, if some of his 
descendants, in token of respect, should erect a monu- 
ment over his resting place. 

His children were, Adam, John, Mary, Esther, Eliza- 
beth, Sarah, Lydia, Jacob, Thomas, Peter, Mercy. 


Mary Thomson was born in 1650, she married ■' ' 
Taber, and settled near New Bed^d, where some of her 
descendants are now living. 

Esfher Thomson was bom July 2S, 16^. She marri- 
ed Jpin^y^jyijleed, whose descendants live in Abington, 
and adjacent towns. 

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Elbttb^ TlKMMcm wm born Jan. 38, }§S4. Slie mar* 
ried Thomas Swiii, who settled at Nobsctisset, where her 
father first purchased, and where many of her descend- 
ants now live. 

Sarah Thomson was born April 7, 1^7 ; she did not 

Lfdia, Thomson was bom October 5» 1669. She mar- 
ried James Soule-^many of her descendants lire in Mtd- 
dleborongh and adjoining towns. 

Mercy Thomson was born in 1671. She did not ntarry. 
She died April 19, 1756, in the eighty-fifth year of her age. 


Adam Thomson died when one year and a half old. 

John Thomson, the son of Lient. John Thomson, was 
born in 1648. He married Mary Ttnkham. He died Not. 
25, 1725, in the seTcnty-seventh year of his age. Mary 
his wife died in 1731, in the sixty-serenth year of her 
age. He was a Carpenter by profession. 

His children were John, Ephraim, Thomas, Shubael, 
Mary, Martha, Francts/ Sarah, Peter, Jacob, Ebenezer. 

His daughters, Mary, Martha and Sarah, were not 
' married. 


John Thomson, the son of John Thomson the secon<l^ 
married Elizabeth Thomas. She died in Aug. 1776. 

His children were John, Efizabetb, Lydia. 

Elizabeth Thomson was bom Aug. 7, 1726. She mar- 
ried Samuel Fuller, and died \ti 1794. 

Lydia Thomson was Born Ang. 13, T730. She married 
Isaac Soole, and died Aug. 29, 1771. 

John Thomson was born Feb. 18, 172-5. He mam/Bd 
Betty Fuller. He.wss frozen todhaili l»a W ITmii^ 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 


cow'mg home 4itQm IljrnMttK h^mt BMmi FrtMas's in 
Plyrapton. His children were SinavQAt Thiidctetts, Na- 
than, Zacheiis, Elizftbeih, Stephen. 

Susanna Thomson was born May 12» 1763. 

Elizabeth ThoaisDn/vi^ts born Oct 24, 1770. She mar- 
ried William Wood, and died Nor. 11, 1810. 

Thaddeus Thotnson wa& boin ivAj 1, 1766u He married 
Ruth Tilson. He settled in the State of Maine, aiMi 
died in April, 1832. His children were, Betty, John, Am* 
raiel, Ruth, Thaddeus, Orpha, OHfia, Haonah, Mary, 

Betty Thomson was born May 26, 1787. She married 
Levi Cushman. 

Ruth Thomson wa« born Match 30, 1793. She mar- 
ried for her first husband, Nalhaniel Glover ; for her sec- 
ond husband, Joshua Glover. 

John Thomson w«a born March 31, 1789. He marri- 
ed Margaret Roberaon* 

Ammiel Thomson was born April 18, 1791. He mar- 
ried Fea«, Tilson. Hl» children were Lucius, Ammiel, 
Edward F. 

Lucius Thomson was born July 23, 1819. He married 
Lydia Ryder. 

Ammiel Thomson was born Dec 13, 1825. 

"Edward F. Thomson was born Sept 4, 1827. 

Nathan Thomson was born Jan. 14, 1766. He wa9 
born deaf and dumb-^he married EUizabeth Eaton. He 
died Sept. 24, 1831, in the sixty-second year of his i^e. 

Zacheus Thomson was born March 17, 1769. He 
was born deaf and dumb. He married Jennet Atwood, 
and settled aiKeadiog, in Temiont. His chiUree weie 
Susa^a, Laura, Abigail, Zacheus/ Jai^i Beity» 

Digitized by V^OOQ IC 


SvMftima l^omfon^ was fawn in April, 1797» 

Laura Thomson was born ki 1/99. 

Abigail Thomson was Mn ki 1801. 

Stephen Thomson^ the fourth son of John Thomson, 
was b(»rn April 10, 1774. He married Nancy Hastingj>r, 
and settled at Thomastown, in the State of Maine, and 
died in 1839b Hischildren were George, William, Andrew, 
Sasanna, Betsey, Nancy. 

Ephraim Th^mson^ the second son of John Thomson ^ ^ 
the second, was born in 1682. He married Joanna Red- 
dington, and died Nov. 13, 1744, in the sixty^second yeat 
of his age. 

His children were, a child born Oct. 3, 1735, 'and died 
Dec, 5, 1735. 

Joanna was born July 23, 1738. She died Dec. 17, 
1744, in the seventh year of her age 

Ephcain was born April 8,. 1742. He died Dec. 5, 

, Ephraim the second, was born May 8, 1744, and died 
May 25, 1744. 

There is something singular and melancholy, in the 
eventful close of this family. The fath^erand three remain- 
ing children, all died within the short space of tbu teen 
months, and left the widow the sole heir of his estate. % 

Thomas Thojgp. the third son of John Thomson tire ^ 
second, was bom in 1684. He married Martha Soule, 
and died March 20, 1781, in the ninety-sixth year of bis 
age. llis children were Peter, Francis, Nathan, James, 

Peter Thom^fBF^l^as born in 1733. He married Rebec- 
ca Tlioma— "beoied Juna21, 1800, in the aixtf*seventh 
jeari^bi»|iga« Btatmca, bis wiCi» died October 16, 

Digitized by V^OOQlC 


1792, in the My-sisth year of her age. His chiMreti 
were, Levi, Ezekiel, Eliab, Asaph. 

Levi Thomson was born Jan. 6, 1764 ; he tnairied Bet- 
ty Bnell; He had but one child, Rebecca Thomson — nhe 
married John H. Pafmer. They all live in Woodstock, 
in the State of Vermont. 

Ezekiel^Thomson was born May 4, 1766. He married 
Mary Bosworth ; he moved into the State of Vermont and 
there died. His children were, Pofly, Peter, Harriet, 

Levi Thomson died Dec. 4, 1803. 

Peter Thomson went into the State of New York. 

Eliab Thomson was born Dec. 8, 1768 — he married 
Rachel Thomson. He died Oct. 2, 1835, in the sixty- 
seventh year of his age. His children were Chrissa, Eli- 
ab and Rachel. 

Clarissa Thomson was borii July 19, 1792. Shte mar- 
ried Jeremiah Sampson. 

Rachel Thomson was born Sept 6, 1799. She marri- 
ed Leavitt Wood. 

Eliab Thomson was born Feb. 22, 1795. He married 
for his first wife, Lavina Washburn. By her he had one 
" lOgllt ~~ " ' ■ 

ninth year of her age. _ 

He married lor his second wife, Lydia Thomson. By 
her he had two sons, Edwin aiid Asaph. Edwin Thom- 
son was born June 23, 1829. Asaph P. Thomson, waa 
born Jan. 2. 1832. He died Feb. 24, 182 4^1n the forti- 
eth year of ills age. TRf 

Asaph Thomson, the fourth son of Peter Thomson, was 
born Sept. 6, 1771. * He graduated at Brown Univetaity 

. Digitized by V^OOQlC 

daugliter, Hannah W. Thomson, who died March 30, 
18^ Lavina his wife, died April 3, l^^in the twenty 


in 1795. He waa tba first of the fiimilj name who re* 
ceived a cdlegiate degree. He studied physic, and aet- 
tied in the state of Maine; he married Mary Wood, and 
died Maich — , 1834. His children were Iigdassah, Ma- 
ry, Persis, Silas W, 

Francis Thomson, th^ second son of Thomas Thomson, 

was born March 15, 1735. He died Dec. 17, 1798, in 

the sixty^third year of his age He married for his first 

wife, Rebecca Snow, His children by her were, Zilpha, 

7 * Rebecca, Elias. 

Zilpha Thomson was born June, 1763. She marrie d 
Noah Cushman. 

Rebecca Thomson died young. 

Elias Thomson was born 1766. He married Elizabeth 
IWsington.. He died Sept. J839. 

Francis Thomson married for his second wife, Mary 
Bumpus. She died Dec. 17, 1829, in the eighty-fifth 
year of her age. His children by her were, Thomas, Cyn- 
tha, Reuel, Mary, Frauds. 

Cynthia Thomson was born No?. 8, 1773. She marri- 
ed John Cox. 

Mary Thomson was born Ma^ch 4, 1781. She marri* 
ed Jabez Vauighan. aL 

Thomas Thomson was b o t trOc t. 1, 1770. He marri- 
ed Wealthy Whitmore. He died Dec. 9, 1806, in the 
thirty-seventh year of his age. His children were, Betsey 
Venus, Francis, Deborah, Philander, Cynthia, Thomas. 

Betsey ThomseipKs born No?. 30, 1794. She marri« 
ed Isaac Pac^d. 

Deborah Tmison was born April % 1Y99. She mar* 
ried Caleb Alden — she died June 18, 1B36. 

Cynthia Thomson waa born May 13, 180^ She mar- 
c ^, 

W^ ^ -Mrv^ . . Digitized by Google 

Hed John Perkins. She died Aug 529, 1840. 

Venus Thomson was born May 18, 1796. He married 
Jane South worth. His children were Clarindai Franklin 
S., Venus. 

Clariuda Thomson was born Nov. 29, 1823. 

Franklin S. Thomson was born Sept. 15, 1825. 

Venus Thomson was born June 29, 1832. 

Francis Thomson the second son of Thomas Thomson, 
-was born Sep. 8, 1797. He married Miranda Barny, and, « ^ 
aietUed in the State of New York. *" i 

Philander Thomson, the third son of Thomas Thorn- { 
son, was born Sept. ^, 1800. He .married Eliza Giles. i 
His children were Angelina, Henry A., Mary £., Phi- | 
lander. l^ ^ i 

Angelina Thomson was born Sept. 12, 1835. -^ " 

Henry A. Thomson was born March 16, 1837. 

Mary E. Thomson was born Feb. 4, 1839. 

Philander Thomson was born March 16, 1840. 

Thomas. Thomson, the fourth son of Thomas Thomson, 
was born Feb. 25, 1805. He married Rebecca Volun- 
tine. He has one child, Voluntine* Thomson, born Sept. ' 
20,1840. ^ I 

Reuel Thomson, the sSSJ^ son of Francis Thomson, 
was born Jan. 4, 1777. He married Thankful Wood — his 1 
children were, Israel W., Reuel, Ivory H., PrisCilla W., 
Benjamin F., Marston, Anna T., Mary F. 

Prifcilla W. Thomson was born Jdv 24, 1809. She 
married Henry C. Lyon, •^•^ 

Anna T. Thomson wa& born Aug. 14, l^pi. She mar- i 
ried Isaac Thomson . | 

Mary F. Thomson was^ born April 26, 1817. She mar* i 
ried Cyrus Fuller* * 


I«rael W. Thomdon was born October S, 1803. He 
married Betsey W. Perkins. He has one child, Leaader 
Thomson, born Dec. 1836. 

Reuel Thomson, the second son of Reuel Thomson, was 

born Sept. 21, 1866. He married Sarah T. Wood. He 

has one daughter, Sarah J. Thomson, born Sept J5, 184Q. 

^J^vory H. Thomson, the third son of Renei Thomson, 

^. was born April 1, 1808. He married Jer^isha B. Sparrow. 

%^JB8\gi9^pne son and one daughter, l?ory B. and ierusha A« 

^^j^ oiyB, Thomson was born Sept 1836. 

^eftisha A. Thomson was born Aug. 1840. 

Benjamin P. Thomson, the third son of Renel Thom- 
son, was born June 24, 1809. He married Sarah Wood« 
. Marston Thomson, the fourth son of Reuel Thomson^ 
was bom Sept. 23, IS12. He married Harriet 6. W. 
Bumpus. He has one daughter, Harriet M. V. Tbomson, 
born Sept. 1839. 

Francis Thomson, the youngest son of Francis Thom- 
wm^ was born Apri^, 1785. «He died. young. 

Nathan Thomsoq^he jwd son of Thomas Thomson, 
y was born Dec. 10^ flr^- ^^ ^i^ ^^ IQ&^ — he married 
Mary Harlow. Heimd two daughters, Sarah and Su* 
> sanna. 

Sarah Thomson was bo^n Aug. 16, 1762. She married 
for her first husband, John Finney— for her second haa^ 
band Ezra Ho|89es. 
^ Susanna Thomson was born May 16, 1764, 8he mar-i 

ried Daniel Tt^cjier. 
f Jaines TVnnsoti, the %{irth ton of Thomas Thomson, 

was bora .Nov. 11, 1739. He married "^ n AUen^ and 

•ettled in the State ^. New York. 
jlCkomaB Thomson, the fifth son of Thomas Thomson, 

W Digitized by GoOglC 


was born Jan 1, 1743. He died Sept. 16, 1747. 

fihubael Thomson, rhe third son of John Thcnns<Hi- the 
secc^d, was bora in 1685. He married ISusann a Farler. 
He died July 7, 1734, in the forty-eighth year of Ws age. 
Susanna, his wife died June 9, 1734, in the 47th year of 
her age. His children were, Shubael, Isaac, John, Thom« 
as, Mary. 

Mary Thomson died June 523, 1734. JS 

Shubael Thomson was born in 1715 and died Ju n^j^ ^^ 
1734, in the nineteenth year of his age. w'w^W^^ 

Isaac Thomson wis born Sept. 14, 1734, and died jpepj^ 
30, 1740, in the twenty-seventh year of his age. ^ 

Thomas Thomson, the third son of Shubael Thomson, 
was born in 1720. He married Jane Washburn. He died 
Fei>. 8, 1766, in the thirty>sixth year of his age. His 
children were Jane, Abisha, Mary, Margaret, Bethiab. 
'Jane Thomson married Nathaniel Bolton. 

Abisha Thomson died in the service of his country. 

Mary ThoSason married — ^ Alger. 

Margaret Thomson did not%marry. She died Dec 17, 
1815, in the sixty-third year q^er m^. 

Bethiab Thomson^ was born Nov. ^ 1755. She mar- 
ried Thomas Cusbman. She died Nov. 28, 1822, in the 
sixtf-eighth year of her age. 

John Thomson, the fourth son of Shubael Tbomsoo, 
w«8 bom in 1727. He married Lydia Wood for his first 
wife. Lydia his wife, died Jan. 28, 1761, in tlie thirty* 
AfDih year of her age. His children were, Shnbaet, Su- 
sanna, Isaac, John, Lydia, Ezra, Sarah, Uzaa, Pear^ Pris- 
eiHa« He married the widow Sonle fer his second wife. 
Bfher he liad one dknghter, Mary. He died June JNi 
1776t ia the fiMty-nintb y«ar of his age. 

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.•--.. • •- .' '--i / .*'^<> . ' - . >- ^ ■ . 

Susanna Thomson, was born Nov. 1 , X743. iphe nury 
fied Sjlvan^t ThofKusi and died Sept. 4, 1822. 

Lydia Thomson was born June 21, 1752. Sbie^ married 
lor her first h^isband^ TbcMna^ Giffoiid-^for her second bus- 
band, Sheldon. 

Sarah Thomson was born Oct, 6, 1754. 

Fear Thomson was born Nov. 6^ 1757* She married 
Abraham Perkins, and died D^ov. 10, 1796. 

Priscilla Thomson was born April 11, 1760. She mar- 
ried LefBuel Sturtevant. 

Mary Thomson married Doct. Panuel Hutehin9. 

Shubael Thomson was bora March 11, 1742. He mar- 
ried Ruth Hall. He died Dec. 3, 1770. His children 
were Susanna, Sh^ibaek 

Susanna Thomson was born July 11, 1767. She mar- 
ried for her first hijisband William Sampso n— ^for her sec- 
ond husband, Ezra Thomson. ^> 

Sbi&el Thomson died May, 1, 1770, aged mftiknonths. 

Isaa^Thomson^^e second son of John Thoffison, was 
born Feb. 1, 174#?^ He married Lucy Sturtevant. He 
W.48 a Justice of the Peace till his death. . Ho represented 
the town of Middieborough in the State Legislakire, several 
years ; he then represented the county of Plymouth, in 
the Senate, till his weight of years called him to retire 
from public life. He was in this public employment six- 
teen years. He died Dec. 19, 1819, in the seventy-fourth 
year of his age. Lucy his wife, died Nov. 4, 1^4, in the 
eighty-first year of her age. His children were John, Cy- 
rus, Lydia, Isaac, Uzza, Lucy, George, Mary, Ezra, 
Harriet. , 

Lydia Thoreeon.waa born March 1^ 1779. Sh^ married 
Rev, Elijah I)exter. 

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Lucy Thomson was bora Oct. 1, 1796. She martied 
Cephas Thomson. 

Mary Thomson was born April 14, 1798. She married 
Robert Capen. 

Harriet Thonisoti was born Dec. 19, 1795. She mar* 
ried Solomon Thomson. 

John Thomson was born March 22, 1775. He marri-* 
ed for his first wife. Sarah Austin — for his second wife, 
Belinda Dean^— for his third wife, Jane Richardson. He 
settled in the State of Maine. 

Cyrus Thomson was born Dec. 23, 1776. He married 
Rebecca Roberson, and settled m the State of Maine. 

Isaac Thomson was born Nov 7, 1781. He married 
Abia HaskeH, and died March 26, 1885. 

Uzza Thomson was born Aug. 23, 1784. He married 
Abigail Elliot. He settled in the State of Maine. 

GeorgeThomson was born Aug. 12, 1788. He married 
Deborat^l^Clark. He has but one child, GeorgetfPhom* 
son. ^^ ^ 

Ezra Thomson was bom March 8^^^. He married 
Cynthia Gifford. 7^ 

John TnoafSON, the third son of John Thomson, was 
born May 6, 1748. He married Abigail Thomson. He 
settled in Lime, on Confiecticiit -River, in the State q€ 
New Hampshire. He died Aug.~4, 1817. His children 
were Abigail Ezra, Lydia, John, Sarah Jennet« 

Abigail Thomson married Richard Dame. 

Lydia Thomson married Sawyer. 

Sarah Thomson married Freeman. 

Ezra Thomson married the widow Susanna Sampson. 

John Thomson went to the west. 

Ezra Thomson, the fourth son of John Thomson, was 

Digitized by V^OOQ IC 

born Julj 4» 1750. He died in 1778, in the lwenty-e%Mi 
year of his tge. 

Uzza ThorasoOy the fifth son of John Thomson* wts 
born Dec. 10, 1756. He died June 11, 1758. 

Francis Thomson, the fifth son of John Thomson the 
second, died in the Garrison House at Halifax, July 24, 

The knowledge of Peter Thomson, the sixth son of 
John Thomson the second, is lost to us, except his widow, 
Sarah Thomson, who died Oct. 24^ 1742^ in the seventy- 
third year of her age. 

Ebenezer Thomson, the eighth son' of John Thomson 
the second, must have died young, as tradition and rec^ 
ords are silent respecting him. 

Jacob Thomson, the sixth son of John Thomson the sec- 
^^^f nd, was born in UUA^ He married Mary Howard. He 
V^^pied Feb. 17, 1750, m the foilieyi year of his age. -^^ 

Mary his wife, died MarcKib/ 1762, in the forty-f<mrth 
year of her age. 

His children wexe, Jacob, Ebenezer, Nathaniel, Mary, 
Martha, Ephtaitf^, Daniel. 

Mary Thomson was born Sept, 7, 1743. She died Aug. 
21, 1747. 

Martha Thomsoa^imauhQg|hJan. 1, 1746, a^d died 
Sept. 7, 1747. -:^;^^'»^^^ ,^^ 

Jacob Thomson was bOrn July 9, 1736. He married 
Waitstill Miller. He died Nov. 12, 1715, in the eigh- 
tieth year of his age. 

He was a number of years a Deacon in the church a( 
Halifax. Waitstill, his wife, died July 18, 1807, in thtt 
sixty-eighth year of her age. 

His children were, Huidah, Ezra/ Jennet, Martha, Jaf 
cob, Margaret M. .j? 

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Hdldah Irtibmson was born May 17, 17^^ She mar- 
ried Ephraim Tinkhan^. She died Feb. 26, ISIO, in the 
fifly-fburtb year of her age. 

Jennet Thomson was born June 23, 1763. She did not 
marry— she died July 16, 1S30, in the sixty-eighth year of 
her age. 

^ Martha Thomson was born Dec. 20, 1764. She mar- 
ried Jonah Benson. She died March 9, 1822, in the fifty 
ninth year of her age. 

Margaret M. TlVomson was born April 22, 1771. She 
married Elkanah Thomas. She died March 17. 1S37. 

Ezra Thomson was born April 14, 1760. He married 
Sarah Whitton. He died March 7, 1827. 

Sarah, his wife died May 25, 1841, in the eighty-first - 
year of her age. * ^^fk 

^^Hs children were Sarah, Ch«f9^ Abraham, Ezrfl|B 
^ntes, Drusilla, E^per iWWJt, P eleg, Elkanah, Margaret.^ 

Sarah Thomson was born June 25, 1782. She died 
Oct. 17, 1808. 

Drusilla Thomson was born Jan 23,*n92. She marri- 
ed Nehemiah Thomas. .^ 

Experience Thomson was born April 22, 17&4. ' 

Margaret Thomson wa^orn June 14, 1790. She mar- 
ried Pety, R obinson. ti^;^fei^*^At 

Charles Thomson was born April 12, 1784. " He mar- 
ried for his first wife, Sarah Darling. His children by her 
were, Naomi, Marshal, Catharine, Charles. He married 
for his second wife, widow Hannah Bates. His children 
by her were, SaAy, Levesta, Ezra. He died January 15, 

Ni^miThomson was born Aug. 7, 1808. She married 


Ofiihafint Tliohfiscfn wis Bora Jutie 8, 1912. She mar- 
ried Josiah Tilson. , ^ 

SaFf jr Thonhson iii^ai boro Jan ^S» 1817. She marked 
'Saninef Beaf. ,r * 

Levesta Thomson was borri — '- 1819. She married 

Robert Curtis. 

Matshal Thomson was born Feb 13, 1811. He mar- 
riled Lnrania Howard. He has one daughter, Georgeana. 

Charles Thomson was born Dec. 7, 1818, Me married 
Mary Ann Curtis, He has two children, Susan A. and 
' Lorenzo M. 

Susan A. Thomson was born March 10, 1837. 

Lorenzo M. Thomson was born Jan. 7, 1841. 
«^BsttvXbpnhson, the third son of Charles Thomson, was 
born March 12, 1822.. 

Abraham Thomson, the second son of Ezra^^hrSjteon, 
was born June 12, 1786. He married Mary Sampson.. 

His children were Ephraim, James, Mary, Henry 1^ 

Ephraim Thomson was born July 1, 1811. He *died 
July 1836. 

Jameal^mnson was born May 15, 1813. He married 
Mary ^Tm^iftl His children were J iVMApJlobert. 

James Thomson was born July 14, 1837. 

Robert Thomson was born Sept. — 1838. He died 
April, 1840. e/^f^ ^ 

Mary Thomson was born AjuJ 17, 182#^^ 

Henry L. Thomson was born Feb. 19, IS^^pT 

Ezra Thomson, the third son of Ezra Thomson, was 
born April 12, 1789. He married Mary Bales. He died 
April 17, 1815. 

He had one daughter, Sally Thomson. She married 
Reuben HoHii. • 

V_ *' ♦. Digitized by GoOQle 

Jamei, TlKnason. ibe ibarth soo of Eu^ TboaM08» 
was born Jan. 6, 1791. 

Peleg Thomson, tft fifth son of Ezra Thomson, wafl 
born May 25, 1797. \|Ie married Freebve Washbttmi 
He bad one daughter, Amanda Thomson. 

Elkanah Thomson, the sixth son of Ezra Thomson, was 
born Oct. 22, 1803. He married Rachel Bump. His 
children were, Caroline F., Olive S., Oliver, William H, 

Caroline F. Thomson was born Feb. 25, 1824. 

Olive S. Thomson was born April 20, lvS29. 

Oliver Thomson, (a twin) was born April 20, 1829. 

William H. Thomson was born July 10, 1835. 

Levi Thomson, the seventh son of Ezra Thomson, was 
born Feb. 12, 18C6. He married Elsadah Ric 
His children were Rosza, Ann, Rinaldo B«, LT^na 

Rosza Ann Thomson was born Sept. 21, 1830. 

Rinaldo B. Thomson was born April 11, 1836. 

Leonard S. Thomson, was born March 15, 184L 

Jacob Thomson, the second son of Dea. Jacob Thoro« 
son was born Oct. 25, 1769. He married Lucina Keith. 
He died May 11 1818. Lucina his wife, d^^^^^l 10, 
1833, in the biUg^ year of her age. w^0^^^^ 
> His children^ere Polly K. Lewis, Lucina, Jennet, Ja- 
cob, Lucia, Lydia, Waitstill, Lysander. 

Polly K. Thomson ^^s l^arn Oct. 29, 1795. She mar* 
ried Isaa^iy^ for her fiht husband, and George Gross, 
for her seAd husband.*^ ^ 

Lucina Triomsou was born Dec. 22, 1798. She mar- 
ried Cornelius Pratt. 

Jennet Thomson was born Nov. 8, 1800. S^e married 
Francis Bourne* 

Lucia Thomson was born Jan. 27, 1805. She di^ 

izedbv Google ^ 



lijcliii TlMH»on WM born May SO, 1806. She married 
fbr her first husband, Eliab Thomson — for her iiecond 
hasbandy Jacob Soule. ^ 

Wahstill Thomson Was born Se{»t 29, 1809. She mar^ 
ried Charles E. D. Purcheron. 

Lewis Thomson was born Aug. 17, 1797, He married 
Ruldah Wood. 

His children were MarieUe, I^ewis H.,£Ivina, Matilda, 
Marcus M. 

Mariette Thomson was born Feb. 16, 1824. 

Lewis H. Thomson was born Nov. 23, 1826. 

Elvina Thomson was born Oct. 14, 1830. 

Matilda Thomson was born June 5, 1834. 
., Marcus M. Thomson was born April 14, 1840. 
. Jacob Thomson* the second son of Jacob Thomson, 
was born Nov. 30, 1802. He married^m^JJLne Bent. «j 

His children were George W., FranklinrMary J., Vernon*^^* 
M., Frances M., Jacob P. '^ 

"^ George^WJ^iomson was born Sept. 26. 1828. 

FrantJi^^^homson was born June 6, 1830. 

Mary J.^homson was born Maj^ 1, 1835. 

Vernon M. Thomson was born March 16, 1837. 

Frances M. Thomson was born Jan. 24, 1639. 

Jacob P. Thomson was born Oct. 31, 1841: 

Lysander Thomson, the third son of "Jacob Thomson, 
was born Sept 14, 1811. He married Abigail Thomson. 

His children were Lysander M., Soranas4^' 

Lysander M. Thomson was born Sept. 2,1834. 

Soranas Thomson was born Nov. 12, 1836. 

Ebenezer Thomson,* the second son of Jacob Thomson, 
was born Oct. 14, 1737. He married Elizabeth Besse. 
He died Ma/ 10, 1832, in the ninety-fifth year of his age. 

Digitized byV^OOQlC 



Elizabeth bts wife/ died 3 1 , 1820, in the eightiQtb 
year of her age. Shevand her husband Jived tpgether hi 
a married state sixty y^ars. . 

His children were Nathaniel^ Ilebecca, Aseneth Eliza* 
bethv Charity. j , , 

Rebecca TlM)msoh was born June 20, 1764. She rnarr 
ried Lewis Chamberlain. 

Aseneth Thomson was born Sept. 3, 1?67. She did 
not marry. 

Elizabeth Thomson was bprn June 28, 1771. . She mar- 
ried Asaph Bosworth. 

Charity Thomson was born June 24, 1775. She mar- 
ried for her first Tiusband, Isaac Chamberlain. For her 
second hnsbahd, Daniel Bryant. 

Nathaniel Thomson was born May 11, 1761. He raar- 
^^, ^ried for his fif^T^Jpfe, Sarah Thayer. She died Dec. 18, 
1810, in the fort/-seventh year of her age. 

lie married for his second wife Mary Hall. ^She died/ 
April 13, 1839, in the sixty-third year of ffer fjie. 

He held the commission of Major in the MiStia. 

His children by. his first wife were,* Polly, Lucy, Nathan- 
iel, Seth, Elizabeth, Charity, Ebenezer, David, Sarah, 
Welcome, Elmira. 

I^olly Thomson was born Dec 2, 1785. She married 
Melvin Ccooker. She died Nov. 4, 181 L 

Lucy Thomson was born Sept. 30, 1787, She mar- 
ried Joshua tl Lyon. She died Jan. IS, 1817. 

Elizabeth Thomson w^ bom Sept. 30, 1793. She 
married Melvin Crocker, She died May 27, 1816. 

Charity Thomson was born Jan 12, >796. She mar- 

ried Thomas Rogers. 

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Sarah Thomson w^s born Oct. 20, 1801. She married 
Charles Rogers. 

£lmira Thomson was born Feb. 3. 1807. She married 
Sydney Packard. 

Nathaniel Thomson was born Nov. 19, 1789, He died 
Aug. 2©, 1811. 

Seth Thomson was born Sept. 0, 1781. He married 
Bethtah Benson. He lives in Sandwich. His children 
were David, Martin B., Nathaniel, Mercy, Julia Ann, 
Seth, Martin V., Frances M. 

David Thomson was born Dec. 15, 1815. 
Martin B. Thomson was born Nov. 25, 1819. He died 
Dec. 8. 18^. 

Nathaniel Thomson was born Feb. 16, 1822. He died 
July 13, 1840. 

Marcy Thomson was born Oct 26, 1824. 
Julia Ann Thomson was born Aug. 28, 1828, She died 
Aug. 20, 1829, 

^SalhJhomson was born Aug. 27, 1830. 
•iftSpKff VfThomson was born Ma> 24. 1833. 
Fra^fiBSCM- Thojo^gn was bom Oct. 8, 1835. 
Ebenezer ThomsoiQhe fourth s^mnif Nathaniel Thom- 
son, was born Jan. 17, 1798. He married Louisa £1* 
dridge, and lives in New Bedford. 

His children were, Charles H. and Elizabeth E. 
David Thomson, the fourth son of Nathaniel Thomson, 
was born Jan. 29, 1800. 

Welcome Thomson was bom Feb. 27, 1805. He died 
Jan 12, 1833, in the twenty-eiffhth year of bis age. Vv 

Nathaniel Thomson, the third son of Jacob Thoia%|9!^^ 
was born July 83, 1740. He died in the service of his 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 

ll^hraim Thomspn the fourth son of Jacob Thomson, 
was born Aug. 1. 1748. He married for jiis first wife, 
Hannah Thayer. His children by her were, Ephratni^ 
Hannah, Silas, Rfaoda, David, Francis. 

He married for his second wife, Mary IWashburn. He 
moved to the town of Marlow^ in the State of New Hamp- 
shire. His children by her were, Bethiah, PoIJy, Phebe, 

Hannah Thomson was liorn Jan. 23, 1773. She mar- 
ried Abner Barrows* She died October 17, 1835, in the 
sixty-second year of Jier age. 

Rhoda Thomson was born Oct. 27, 1780. She married 
Daniel Wood. 

Bethiah Thomson was born July 19, 1793. She mar- 
ried Jason Ware. 

Polly Thomson married John Wench. 

Phebe and SalL^ were both married. 

Ephraim Thomson was born Nov. 2, 1771. Hcmarri- 

cd Lucy Thomas. _ 

His children were Lucy, Bathshe ba, A bner, A lb a, Da- 
vid, Lucy, Jeremiah^^ Joseph. ^' 

Lucy/riK)mson diel^oung, 

Lucy Thomson the second married Obed Sherman, 

Bathsheba Thomson married for her first husband, Da- 
vi^.QifFord. For her second husband John B. Tabcr. 

Abner Thomson married Nancy H. Gifford. 

His children were John H, Thomson, Daniel W. Thcmi- 
^on, Pardon G. Thomson. 

(sHQdjji^ Thomson, the second son of Ephraiin Thomson, 
marneJi Lydia Chase. 

llis children were, Rebecca Thomson, Eveline Thorn- 
ton^ Ephraim Thomson, Amanda Thomson. 

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DaTiS Thomson marriecOudith Snow. 

Jeremiah i*^ Thomson married Sarah Ann Case 

His children were, Mary C. Thomson^ Marcus M. Thorn* 

Silas Thomson, the second son of Ephraim Thomson 
the first, was born April 3, 1778. He married Cathaiine 
BeaL ^t 

His children were jffartin, Jane, BTtroda, Joanna, Nan- 
cy, Si^s, Daniel W„ Silas B. 

Jane Thomson was born Feb. 15, 1S03. She married 
Joel Finney. 

Rhoda Thomson was born Sept. 12, 1807. ^ 

Joanna Thomson was born April 3, 1810. She marri-; 
ed Fletcher. 

Nancy Thomson was born March 25, 1813. She mar- 
ried D^iel Garland. A 

Martin Thomson was born July 31, 1801. He married 
Amanda Thomson. 

/♦ His children were Henry N. Thomson, and Amanda M. 

Henry N. Thomson was born Feb. 1836. 

Amanda M. Thomson was born June 20, ld4(^. 

Silas Thomson, the second son of Silas Thomson, was 
born Jan. 22, 1815, and died April 12, 1815. 

Daniel W. Thomson, the third son of Silas Thoinsoh 
was born Dec. 21, 1817. 

Silas B. Thomson, the fourth son of Silas Thomson, was 
born May 11, 1820. 

David Thomson^ the third son of Ephraim Thomson the 
fiirst, was born April 11, 1783. He was drowned, in the 
Connecticut River. 

Francif TbomsoOy the foorth son of Ephraira Tbomso* 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 

,^wMborn Aug. 2, 1785. He married for his 6rat wife, 
^TfWBeal, she died Sept. 181 1. He married for bis sec- 
ondlfife, Sally Beal. She died April, 1833:^ 

His children were, Edmund, Edward, Gilman, Lyma^^ 
Francis, George, Franklin, <jrenville, Sumner. , 

Edmund Thomson was born Aug. 15, 1811. 

Edward Thomson, (a twin,) was born Aug. 15, 1811. 
He married MaryJJ^Bryant. J^^ ^ 

His children were Amos E., Heiiry F., Drusilla, y/: 

Amos E. Thomson, was born Feb. 11, 1134. }/ 

Henry F^Thomson was born Feb. 27, 1838. 

Drusillyrhomson was born June 29, 1840. 

Gil man Thomson was born in 1814. He married I^u- 
cinda Dunbar. 

His child, Charles G.Thomson, was born Oct. 16,1837. 

Francis Thomson was born JuneyJ823. O/c . 

Sumner Thomson was born March; 1833, ^^^ 

Daniel Thomson, the fifth son of Jacob Thomson, was 
bom Oct. 24, 1750. He married Fear Lyon. 

His children were, Samuel, Molly, Phebe, Fear, Daniel, 

Samuel Thomson was born Dec. 9, 1773. He marri- 
ed Mary Kingman, and lives in the town of Burlington, in 
the State of Vermont. 

Molly Thomson was born Aug. 20, 1778. She marri- 
ed Enos Eaton. 

Phebe Thomson was born Jan. 17, 1781. She married 
Isrtiel Thomas. 

Fear Thomson was born Jan. 27, 1785. She married, 
Alfred Thomson. 

Daniel Thomson was born April 27, 1787. He marri« 
ed Sybil Horton. 

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His cbyarM were, Ismel T. Thowoii^ Horaiio Xh^^ 
gpp, Ifaniet Tbgm wn, IMhry Tbowaoo, DuqiqI ThomiOD, 

.^Po'TO^^^Bflif^ ^^ '^^^ ^'^ ^^® Sutd dP ijiiauie. 
. Ta^ Th65$0i, the jLhird goa qF LieuL John Thomson, 
was born April 24, 1662. He married Abigidl, Wads- 
-worthv He held a commissiQii off a Jkuilice of the Peace 
.a number of jeacs. He died Seipt.. 1, 1736, ia the sixtj* 
fifth year o.f his age. Abigail his wi<9» died :Sept* 15, 1744, 
in the seventj-Hflh year of her age. 

His children were, Jacob, Abigail, Mercy, JjOhQi Lydif , 
.Barnabas, Esther, Hannab,^ Mary« Caleb. 

Abigail Thomson was born Feb. 14^ 1697. She :Biar« 
ried JooalhS^ Packard* . ^ 

Mercy Thomson was born. Oct. 1^^ 1699* She married 
Nehemiah Bennet ; — she died Sept. 4, 1799, aged ninety- 
nine years, J^ months and ejj^en days; dedacting elev- 
en .dayis for the difibrence between old and pew Style. 

Lydia Thomson was born April ^, 1703. She^ misr- 
ried John Packard. . , 

Esther Thomson wss born F^b, 18, 17Q7^ She mar- 
ried Ebenezer Bennet. She died July 5, 1776. 

Hannah Thomson was born' March 9, 1709. She mar- 
ried Ebenezer Reed. She died in 1787. ) , . 

Mary Thomson was born May 19, 1811* $he married 
Reoben Thomson. 

Jacob Thomsofljyaa born April 17, 1695, Hemtarried 
Elizabeth Tilsoi4P4i||fe4ki%9l His ohildreA by her 
were Abigail, Ja^, El CTabetb* 

He w«B a Sorveybr and ScrWett^, and wasgene^aify Snown 
by the appellation of Clerk Jacob. He died March Jfi, 
1789, in the ninety-fourth year of his age. Elizabeth his 

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Abk^il Thdtfibott' ii«b l^ira Not. 126, i?|&. Ehe^»t- 
Tied SfHh MilWr. ^rgT^^^^^ 

Elisabeth ThMMon wtt'bom Jttie 19/1741 and died 
i)ec.4, 1747. 

JaeotirTfaomMmwaft iVoftitfayeh 28, 173a He mar- 
tied Prebknre Fiiincrjr. He wns chosen oaptam of a mili- 
'^ry -compdny, and wae dtstkiitiiahed ft^m others of the 
same name, by the title of bia comintaftion* H^ died Nov. 
1806^ ift the fibefy-oigbth yoar of his age. 

Freelore, his wife, died No?. 7, 1^, iii the eighty- 
iMh year of her age. 

His children were Solomon, Benjamin, Merey, Eliza- 
beth, Unth^ Ja^ob, Preekyie. 

Meroy Thomson was bp#n Juno 17, 1?^ She mar- 
ried Thomas Gage. jI^ V^ 

Elianfbeth Thomson, (a twin,) was bom Jone 17, 1766. 
She married for 'her first bosband, Josiah Barker-^ior her 
second husband, Daniel Wild. 

' ^Ruth Thomson was born' July 7, 1768; She married 
Major Thbma^ Bemiet. 

r^dbve'Thon^ionwasbom (kt.i8, 1780. She mar- 
ried Pere2 Crock^tfTi 

Solomon Thbmsbv wacr bom Juno 7, 1762. He mar- 
ried Lydia Murdock. He has long been a deacon in the 
Baptist Church. -His^hildmi were^jlpey, Lydia, Solo- 
mdh, M ertsy. Calm, JQpMNStffiWw 

.Thonaon jus botb Oet. 1, 17^. She married 

ijfdSk TMMnaon was bora Oct 3> n 
Tim^hyl)rew. * 


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Iferoy ThomsoD was born Jane 15, 1794. She mar- 
ried George AtH^obd. ' . 

Solomon Tkofi^son.wals bom Sqpt. 25, 1791. He 'mar- 
lied Harriet Tfibiitson. His lihildren were Maria, Elvira, 
Albert, James, Harris, Harriet. 

Gait in Thbnfsoh ivas bom Oct. 29, 1796. He married 
-Margaiel Richards. 
. His children wdre, Calfiii, Edward, Henry, Margaret, 
George, Robert. . » . * 

Jaooffi Thornton was born Oct. 3, 1801. . He married 
Nancy :Tiidcham. His children were Helena, Virgil. 

Bbnjamin Thomson, the second son of Capt. Jacob 
Thomften, w«8 bom Mai'eh 30; 1764. He married Mary 
Bourn. His children were, Betsey W., Mary B., Saily, 
Benjamin, Abner B., Fredore; Benjamin, James D. 

Betsejr W. Tlunnson was born Nor. 20, 1789. She 
iMrried Hon. Wildes Wood. She died Dec. 12, 1822 

(ary "B. Thom^n was bcurn Nov. 4, 1792;i; > She mar- 
Ted Ebenezer Pickens. -^ . 

SaHy'Thonisbli was bom May 22, 1795, SKelBaSied 
James M. Iiconard. She died Nov. 16, 1822. 
- Benjamin ThomaonV (a ti^in,) was bom May 22, 1795, 
and died Jane 13, 1795. 

Abner B. Thomson was bom Sept. 22, 1797. He mar- 
EKsa Williams, and settled at BrunsWick, in the 
State of Maine. He is Adjntani Genera! of the Milkia^ 
children were, SarA.E.,'£dw^r4W., Eliza S., fliej 

45arak£. Tftom^n was born Feb. 4, 1828. t^^ 
: EdwafdW.Thomsta was. born OdW8,4824. Hedted 
Oct.a7, 182a 
fMan^ B;lThomson was born Ai^*T, 1827. 

fidwand W. ThomsoB Was :lk>di Feb. 28,. 1836. 



Eliza S! Thomson was born March 14, 1638. 

Ellen M. Thomfon was bom Jan. 7, 1841. 

Freelove Thomaon was born Dee. 2; IBOO. She mai- 
ried Gamaliel Rounsevilie. 

Benjamin Thomson was born Nor 25, 1808r He mar- 
ried Margaret Lindley, and settled in the State of IniH- 
ana. He baa one daughter, Mary B. Tbomson,4&d born 
Feb. 19, 1838. 

James D. Thomson was born Oct. 31, 1807. He «iar- 
ried Abigail Kendrick. He is a Major General of tKe 
Militia, in Massacbasetts. 

He had one daughter, Abigail K. Thomfom, who Wis 
born Feb. 1, 1839, and died Feb. 15, 1840. 

Abigail, his wife, died Oct. 15, 1839. 

Jacob- Thomson, the third son of Cant Jacob Thouson, 
was born Nor. 4, 177^1. He married Mercy Waterman. 
Hb children were, Abigail, Freeman, Adaline, Eliza, J^ 
Jia^ Marv F. /*• 

Abigaii Thomson was born Aug, 1797. She died 

Freeman Thomson was born April, 1799. He was 
drowned while passing Gape Horn. 

Eliza Thomson was born Dec. 18. 1805.^ 

Adeline Thomson was born in 1806. She died yolng. 

~ jljjJThomson was born April 3, 1807. 
LariL F . Thomson^ was J>orn July ^. 1815. 

Thomson, the second son of Jacob ThoraBon, was 
- bern March 19, 13|)1. He married Joanda. Adams. It is 
said he had the arms of heraldry of the. family, but the | 
compiler could not find it. Joanna, his wile, died Jafi« 10, 
1779. He died Dec. 6, 1790, in the mnetielh jttt of 
bis age. His children were Zaccheus, Joanna. ^ ^ 1 


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ZacheuB Thomson was born Julj 23, 1743. He died 
April 1©, 1747. 

Joanna Thomson was bora Aug. 9, 1751. She married 
Freeman Waterman, and died Sept. 10, 1833. 

Barnabas Thomson, the third son of Jacob Thomson^ 
was born Jan. 28, 1705. He married Hannah Porter. 
Hannah, his wife, died May 2, 1787, in the setenty-fiflh 
j€af of her age. He died Dec. 20, 1796, in the ninety- 
fourth year of his age. 

He served a long time, as deacon in the church at Hal- 
ifax. His children were, Abigail, Barnabas, Jacobt Sam* 
sel, ^abez, Asa, Noah, Hannah, Isaac, David, Olive, Abel, 
Adam, Ichabod. 

Thei^ IS something worthy of notice in this. family gen- 
ealogy. Jacob Thomson the first, had ten children*-*-five 
of them lived beyond the common age alloted to man. 

Caleb Thomson died in the seventy-fii\h year of his age. 

John Thomson died in the ninetieth year of his age. 

Jacob Thomson died in the ninety-fourth year of his age« 

BamabiA Thomson died in the 94th year of his age. 

Mercy Bennet died in the hundredth year of her age. 

Bar ba has Thomson had iourteen children— eight of them 
4id not Kve to see the full age of seven years. It may be 
observed ns a general remark, that those who lived in thai 
day, and arrived to the age of twenty-fire years, lived t^ 
be old. vWhether this may not be attributed to their diel^ 
their clothing and exposure to the severity of the weather, 
is' a subject for the consideration of the philosopher. 

Abigail Thomson was born Feb. 12, 1741. She died 
March 31, lfi'47. 

Hannah Thomson was born M^y 30, 1948; She mair 
tied Elisha MitcheL 

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. .• --:i :■< :* .1 - ?: ' . .,, . ... , .u, : - .-, ^-^ 

Olive Thomson was born April 10, 17$2.. Sbe dieA 
Feba2,1776.: .. 

Barnabas Thomson was born Feb. 13, 17^* He died 
Sept. 7, 17^. 

Jacob Thomson was born March 14, 1743* He died 
joang. >/ : :, • 

^amud Thomson, (a twin,) was born March 14, 1743# 
He died April 29, 1747. 

: Jabez Thomsoai was born Match 26, 1744., £fedied 
Apnl 9,^1744. . . . : 

Ato( Thomson was born SeplU 3, 174^ He died Aprd 
5, 1747. . : : ^ . 

Noah Thomson was born March 20, 1747. He married 
PrisciUa Holmes* 

There was ah incident .relative fto^bis man wopthj to 
be left on teeord. At the commencement of the r^^u- 
tionarjF teoiitbled, a man by the name of Taylor. deserted 
from the British army, and came and.bired^mselfto his 
near^t neighbor. A British Sergeant with a ^ of men, 
came to 4ak« Taylor.. . They arrived abont. mid-day. As 
the officer wa& entering the &ont 4oor, Taylor elfided jtjiem, 
b^ passing out the ^ack way, and retired to a thick 9m9^mi^ 
Atbr a frattless search; they cooeiuded he was concealed 
in the neighboring house. Accordingly theyentei^ the 
hoQsein arioieni manner, while the ofwner w^^^at dioneri 
aod in a vehement voice demanded Taylor-Threatening 
to shoot hifn, if he did not eomply. On thi^ he laid^dowift 
his knife and fork, and <^ned the bosom of his shirt to 
the officer. The officer sternly exclaimed^/' deli?er ttfi 
Taylor, or I if ill shoot you,'' pnttii^ hia hand to hie pmfiA. 
'* Will you ? ** says this son of liberty^ rjsinf ^ fiTom. the tar 
ble, and taking bold of his gun, which hung over his bead; 

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the British officer to his senses. " I iofW^ wish to huv^ 
jcfa, all i want is Tajlqr«.'' ** Tajl<^r is not t^ nrijr kofiwl- 
edge in my house." The officer replied, '*! 9ball search 
your house," turnii^to a dpor of a rpOQi.. ^ St<qf> ! " s^ys 
the owners ^< I h^ve no ojbjeotiont^ your |eai[chii^ my 
bouse, hut you must first ask my leave," 

Aft0r the revolution was closed, he settled himself and 
family in the town ^f Pridgewater io^ the State of Vei^ 
moot He was a Justice of tbfi Peace; and die^ March 
"^ 1813. Prisciila^ his wifc^, #Qd April 9^ 1939| in thfi 
Eighty-ninth year of her age. 

His children were, Barnabas^ Oavidr^ Noah, Abel^ J^^hn < 
Igl, Priscilia, Betty, Gro^iwell,. B^Il^u, Ch^ea. 

Barnabas Thomaon. was born Nov. 8Q^ 1769. He uMir- 
ried Sarah Fuller. He died March 2(^1838, H^ VM4 
captain in the Militia. 

. His children were Barnabas, 4Zado^k, Sally, Salmoni 
Eliza. ; 

Bamabaa Thorns^ was bora Sept 34^ 1793. Remar- 
ried Hannah Shaw; . ije jield a commifsi^ of Capt^n if 
the Militia. 

His children were Harrison F., Joseph* p.^Plorella p., 
eg:.W ,, Miranda R,, Beaoni Su,CfyrQli|](eA^, HatV^ah 
. Henry B* i ; . ' 

F. Thomson was .J:^orja ^Qc^ 15, 1^1$. He 
M. Horton. .... 

om&on was born March 25, 161-7.. „ ^ 
hotnson was horipi June 9,. 1819^ 
Thomsan was born Nov. 8$, <^^ ,, ; 
. Thomson was born luaoB^ 18Si3^ . ., ! 
Be^oni S. Thomson was bon» 4^ 4^» 1886. . '.[ , | 

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' Xi^toiine A\ ThmBon,YfM born Ao'gdst W, idHT. Sfee 
died Atig. 23, 16^4. ' 

'■ Hannah L, ThotnSott, was born Dec. 18, 1830. Ste 
di<wi March d, 1833. 

Ssrah J. Thomson was born Feb. 14, 1887. 

Hen^y B. Thomson was bom M*y 16, 1838. 

Zadock Thomson, the ile^pnd son of Barnibas Tho^tn^ 
•on, wa^ born May 23. 1796i He li^arried Phebe Boyce. 
He graduated at the Unirersity of Vermbnt. He b the 
hufhor of the Gazelcer of Vertnont, and has entered into ^ 
orders in the episcopal' Chlirch. His childtien were, Haftilr q 
»^ riet F., Adaline P. 
^^ 'Harriet F. Thomson Was bom Feb. 1827. 

Adaline P. Thomson was bora M^rch, 1829. "^'.i 

Salmon Thomson, the third son of Barnabas Thomson, 
w^s born March 11, 1693. He was a captain in the Mi^ 
litia, , and married Syl^ndia Boyce. She died Nov. 5, 
f826. His child by h^ was Jonathan L. Thomson, born 
Oct. 27, 1826. . He died Nov. 5, 1826.* 
' He married for his second wife, Charlotte A. Huggins. 
Hiaohildren were Charles O., George E. . 

Charles O. Thomson was born Oct. 22, 1829. 

George fi. Thomson was born July 2, 1837. 

Bally Thomson, the daughter of BarnEibns Th 
• w^s born March 1, 1799. She married Moses Sh 

ElizaThoittsap;A®^<^^'^^^*^^ghter of Barnabas ' 
son, was bprii Js^nua^y 7, 1810. She m#^** ^ ' 
ShurtleC . . ^^. \ 

David Tlfdn^son, the^Cond son of Noah 
born March 1.6, i772. He marked Betsey ^ 

was a captain jnjttie Htlitia, l^nd ia a Jusiice of the pSace, 
He has been a^ l^emlier bf the Legl»}ature of Vermont. 

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%iiA h nmn\herpf tjne CfoiiTentic^ to alter the Constitu- 
tion in 1836. 

His cbiUrfrv Wisfe^ Alvitay^i Eunice, Edwin, Calistt/ 
Ovid, Roxelont. 

'*' Alvinzy Thomson was born March 23, 1797. , He roar> 
ried Emily Senbury. His children were, Mary A.,Lucien 
p;, Harriet N. 

Mary A. Thomson was born May 19, 1828. 
Harriet N. Thwneon was born Oct. 20, 1829. 
IiQcicA D..Thqms(H) was born March 18, 1831. 
Edwin Thomson, the second son of David Thomson, 
was born Aug. 26, )8(M>. He married Wealthy Co^. He 
was a captain in thq MUitia. 

Hia children wefei, Amelia J. , Cynthia A., Edwin F,^^^ 
Amelia J. Thomson was born April 2, 1529. ^ 

Cynthia A. Tiiomsoo was born May ]4, 1832. |, i^ 
Edwin F. Thomson wa§ boru A\xg^ 31, 1837. J, 

Ovid Thomson, the third son of David Thomson, was 
born Aug. 97, 1805. He married Wait^tilt Shurtleff. 

His ohildrea were Noah ,C., Noah C, Alvinzy W.^ Bet- 
sey E., Sarah Sj. 

Noah C. ThomaoQ w#9 born Dec. 31, 1831. He died 
Marchi3, 1832. 

Thomson was bom Dec. 18, 1833, 
W. Thomson was born April 26, 1836. 
/Tho rn son was born July 31, J 838. 
|i5on was born July 29, IS4K 
m, the daughter of David Thomson, was 

son was born April 16, 1803. She marf 

!eabury. » 

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Roxelona Thomson was born Attg. 10, 1906. 8I10 nv^r^ 
ried Henry W. Leach. 

Noah Thomson, the third'eftn of Noah Thonison, was 
born July 3, 1774. He married Lydia Smith. ' ^ 

Abel Thomson, the fourth sob of' Noah Thomson, was 
born Oct. 3. 1776. He^ married Polly Stacy. 

His children were Patty, Hosea B., Anna, Oliver H:^ 
Noaht Elihu, Polly. 

Patt/ Thomson was born June 17, 19§1. 

Anna Thomson was born Marqji 16, 1806, She mar- 
ried John Harris. 

Polly Thomson was born Dec. JO, I8:J0. 

Hosea B. Thomson was born Aug. 19, 1803. He mar^* 
ried Sarah P. Narrows. His children ^ete, Abel A., Sa- 
rah Ann M., Ellen K. 

Abel A. Thomson was born May 16, 1837. • 

Sarah A. M. Thomson w^s bdrii Ang^ 26, 1838. 

Ellen R. Thomson was born Aug. 25, 1840. 

Oliver H. Thomson, tbe second son of Abel Thomsoir, 
was born April 1 , 1809. He married Malinda Harris. 

Noah . Thomson, the third son of Abel Thomson, WM 
born March 15, 1812. He married Orntio Dawley. 

Elihu Thomson, the fourth son of Abel Thom-ci v;n% 
born Dec, 25, 1814. He married Phebe S Ma 

John H» Thomson, the fifth son of No^h Tho^ 
born Sept. 16, 1779. Hejnarried Betsey 
children were, Alpbettlsr, Tabitha, J| 
Medina. * 1^ 

' Alpheus Thomson was born March 9/ 
March 26, 1813. 

Tabitha Thomson was born Dec. 3, 1805, 
ried Jeremiah R. Lewis. 

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John.Q. Ttk>mBon was born Jan. 4, 1^16. 

Betsey Thomson was born Jane 26, 1820. 

Melvina Thomson was born June II, 1826. 

Friscilla Thomson, the daughter of Noah Thomson, 
was bora Sept. 19, 1781. She died Nov. 1821. 

Betsey Thomson was born Feb. 16, 1784. She mar- 
ried Artemas Walker. 

Cromwell Thomson, the siicth son oF'Noah Thomson, 
was bom April 27, LZ^. He married Abigail Boyce. 

His children wereJplmon, Mary A., Abigail A., Fan- 
ny M»* Orlando C., DeAlgeroy, Lorena P. 
* Almon Thomson was bom July 23, 1809, 

Alary Aon Thomson was born Nor. lO, 1812. She 
married Stitlman AtWoOd. 

. 4^i^*U A. iThomspn was born Jan. 2, 1817. She mar- 
ried Norman W. Iflenly. 

Fanny M . Thomson was born Oct. 24, 1820. 

Orlando C. Thomson was born Aug. 27, 1822. 

DeAlgeroy Thomson, was born April 8, 1826. 

Lorena P. Thomson was'bom April 5, 1828. 
, £lihu Thomson y the seventh son of Noah Thomson, 
was born Aug. 1, 1786. fie married Hannah Phelps. 
He /died Feb. 8, 1814. Hannah, his wife, died June 21; 

His children were Delight, Adrastu?. 

Delight Tbomson was bo^n Nov. 26, 1811. She died 
March 30, 1812. 

Adrastus Thomson was born Jan. 13, 1813. He died 
the same day, 

Charles Thom^n^ the eight son of Noah Thomson Wat 
born April '2d, t7ii2. He mairied Sally Shaw. 

His children were, Emily C, EveKoe A., Marinda. 

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Emily C. Thomson wa» born Jaij 2, 1814. 

Everline A. Tbomsion was born March 5, 18(7. Sbe 
married Elisha Bowman. 

Marinda Thomson was born Feb. 1820. She died 
March 1, 1820. 

Isaac Thomson, the seventh ^on of Barnabas Thomson^ 
was born Maj 29, 1749. He married HuIdah'Sturtevant 
He died Dec. 6^ 1782. Huldah, his wife, died March 16, 
1839. . . 

His ohlldren, were, Jabez^ IsaM|OIive, Jacob, Abigail. 

Olive Thomson was born MarcWi7, 1777. 

Abigail Thomson was born Sept. ^, 1779. She mar- 
ried Obadiah Lyon. 

Jabez Thomson was born Nov. 3, J772. He married 
Betijey Wood. . , > . 

His^hildten were Huldah, Arioch, Ichabod W., IsaaCi 
Simeon, Samuel V., Josfah, Betsey W. ' 

Jluldali Thomson was born Oct. 10, 1800., She died 
July 22, 1622, in the twenty second year of her age. 

Betsey W. Thomson was born Dec. 15, 1814. She 
married Otis Thomson. 

Arioch Thomson was born JuJy 22, .1802, He mar- 
ried Ad f. line Virgin. 

His chddren were, Huldah, Mary H., Velina R., A^dj^i. 
line, Arioch A. 

Huldaji Thomson was born Feb. 11, 1830. 

Mary H. Thomson was born Aug. 6, 1832. She died 
Feb. 13,1833, 

Velina R. Thornson was born Sept. 18, 1834. 

Adaline A, Thonsson was born Dec. 8, 1836. 

Aj-loch A. Thomion was born July 20^ ^841. 

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Jchabod W: Thbmson was born April 20, 1804. il« 
mariied Susanna Cburphitl. 

Isaac Thomson, the third son of Jabez Thomsoii, wa9 
born April 27, 1806. He went \o the South. 

Simeon Thomson, the fourth son of Jabez Thomson^ 
was born Jua« 13, 1808. He married Abigai^ChurghiH. 

His children were, William A., Abigail JCL ^Iff^^ 

Samuel V. Thom^n was bortt July 20, 1810. He mar- 
ried Betsey ^ash. His children were, Samuel C, Betsey, 
WUIiamM,;k>f^ ^ 

Josiah Thomson, the sixth son of Jabiz Thomson, was 
lM>rn Sept. 8, 1812* Jle married Jane Ann Shaw. His 
child, Eliza J. Thomson, was born Sept. 5, 1840. 

Isaac TbomsoQ* the second son of Isaac Thomson, was 
born Nov. 17, 1774. He nriarried Phebe Soule. She died 
Dec. 8, 1823, in the forty-sixth year of ]^r age. 

His children, were Sabina, Roxanna, Deborah, Chrislo- 
pher C, Abigail, Phebe, Mary, Isaac, Hiram^ Joseph. 

Sabina Thomson was born May 3, 1801. She married 
Martja Willis, 

R<nca11na Thomson was born Nov. 15, 1802. She mar- 
ried annuel Jewett 

Deborah Thomson was born Oct. 6, 1804. 

Abigail l^homson was born April 10, 1809. She inar- 
f ied Lysander Thomson. 

Phebe Thomson was l)orn April 1, 1811. 

Mary Thomson wa,s born May 17, .1813. She mariied 
Ichabod Sampson. 

Chrbtopber C* l^omson was born June S, 1807. 

Isaa^ Thomson was born July 17, 1815. . He married 
Ann T.Thomson. ; 

Hiram Tbomson was Wo April i, 1818. 

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Jacob l^bomson, the third son of Isaac Thomson, ^as 
born Juno 26^ 1782. {le married for his first wife, Salt j 
St'urtevant. She died Dec. 1, 1805, in the twenty-fiAh 
year of ber age. He married for b'ls second. wife, Esther 
Shaw, ' ' . 

H w^yUren by her were, Hoseflp Jacob, Marcia, Sally, 
Betsey/^^f§f, Lewis S.^ Stimnerj Huldah, Caroline M« 

Hosea ThouisoJi was born Jan 23^ ISOS. 

Jacob Thomson was born Aug. ^- Ij^, * 

Marcia Thompson was born Jun?'2S;»raft.«l»She miir- 
ried Moses Titcomb. . 

Salty Thomson was born Feb* 10, 1813, She married 
Charles Chipman, ' \ .' 

Bel3ey Thomson was born Aug, 7, 18 J 5. She marked 
Simeon C. Clark, 

George Thomson was born Jan, 20, 1817. 

Lewis S. ThomeoD was horn ScpL S, 1319. He mar* 
tied Mary W. Macombcr. 

Sunujer Thomson was born April 16, 1823. 

Huldah Thomson was born Sept. 8, 1825. ^J^ . 
- Caroline M. Thomson was born Nov. ^ — '- — . 1?^ 

David Thomson, the eigth son of Barnabas Thomson, 
was born Sept. 2, 1750. He died Sept. 13, 1750. 

Abel Thomson, (a twin) the ninth son of Bar^nabas 
Thomson, was bora April IQ, 1752. He died July 2^, 1754. 

Adam Thorhsont the^ tenth son of Barnabas Thomson, 
was born April 24, 1754. He married Molly Thomson. 
He died Aug. 20, 1S21 . Molly, his wifq,died June 12,1835. 

His children were, Sainuel, Adam. Ward, Zadock. 

Samuel Thomson, was born Sept. 24; 1778. ,He mi^- 
ried Clara Sti^rtev^nt ^Ht^ was a Captain of H volunteer 

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<j9mpmfvmiAhnAiM$n:%jfaeml^ IfegidfUm of 

Massachusetts. His children were, Amasa, Xy4ia|JM[a]lil- .^ 
•dM, Mwm P., jSliMiS, ^ ^ 

Amasa Thomson was born Sept 1802. He married 
Jiaisey:AI. Eddy. H^ has oq# 4^^^|M?r, Maria P. Tbom- 
80Dy born Nov. 15, 1835. < V 

Lydia C. Thomson was bora Siept. if, 18Q4.* > 

^atiUa:Tl«oin9Qii.WtsbQfpN9jr..23, laOB. $he mar- 
ried Abial Wood. 

Maria P. Tbimidpn .was( j^prn Warch 30, 18|?. She 
died Oct. 10, I6d4t, • - 

Clara S. ThOMoft wa0 borA July 8, 1810. iSh^ married 
WUIiaro TilaoiK 

Adam. Thomson; the second son of Adam Thomson, 
rwas born May^i^?,^ 1764, , He married Salvina Wood, 

His children were, Molly, Otisj Albert ShepparJ, 

Molly ThotntpB vftm born March 14, 18] I. 

Otis Thomson WPS W» May I, 1313. He married 
Betsey W. Thomson. 

Albeit TJ^am$op w:aa t>or«0^i. 9, 1815* He manried 
Charlotte M. Warren. 

Sheppard Thomson wae/bgrn Voy. % 1820. 

Ward Thomsan^ tbe third son of Adam Thpmson» was 
•betn Sept. 4, 1780- He married Molly ilolmei. 

His children were Mary H^ Ward. 

Mtoy H.. Thootflotf v^aa b^cn Jime 8,1819. ^he jied 
. Aug. 37, 1824- . ( ^ 

<Ward Thomson was borp May t^, 1826. 

Zadock Thomson, the fourth ^n of A4am Thomson 
-vas horn Jhn. 4,:t79(^.< i He married I)eborah,3o8worth. 
: Hetba&.betniA Ciipiiiia>4>f a vtoluiiteer GOC^^tLUjrheen jl 

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His children were Rebecca P.^ Cyqnis; Amanda, Z^ 
dock. Salina P. ^ 

Rebecca P. Tbommi was born Feb. 09, 1816. Sto 
married Saipuelllflnglee. 

Cyrus T)iomso^>as born Suhf 16, 1819; ^ 

Amanda Thomson • was bom March 15, 1821. She 
married Ebenezer P. Richmond. 

Zadock Tbom^ was boirn Sept % 1826. 

Salina F. Thomson was born Feb. 90, 183L 

Ichabod Thomson, the elevenih son of Barnabas Thom- 
son, was born April 23, 1756. He married Lydia Halt. 
■He was descon in the chiircfa in Halifax. He died Aug. 
31,1821. Lydia, his wife, died April 20, IS21,intbe 
seventy-fonrth year of her age. 

His children were, Jatnea^ Havnah; S^rah, ' 
' Hannah Thomson was born Oct; 14, 1782. She i^ar- 
ried Asa Thomson. 

' Sarali Thomson was born March 1, 1785. y She! mar- 
ried George Drew. 

James Thomson was Wte AprU 13, 17861 He married 
Deborah Washburn. He graduated at Brown Unirersity 
in 1709. He settled in the ministry at Barre, Mass. Deb- 
orah, his wife, died Rffty,^ — 1836.' 

His cliildren were, ^uka W^., James W., Charles C. 
P., Philo H., Lydia, I^mra Ann J., Elvira, Alexander Y. 

Louisa W. Thomson was born March 23, 1804. She 
married James W. Jei^ins. 

James W. Thomson was born Deo. I3» 1805* He mar- 
ried Mary James. He graduated at Brbwn- Umveraitj in 
1827, and settled in the minittrj at Salem, Mass. 

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Cbarfes C. P. Thomson was born Juty II, IS66, and 
cHed May 7, 1836, in the 80th year of his age. He was 
»a editor of a public paper. 

Philo H. Thomson was born Dec. 17, 1810. 

Lydia Thomson was born March 18, 1813. 

Leura Ann J. Thomson was born Sept. 13, 1817. She 
died Oct. 4, 1833. 

Elvira Thomson was born May 13, 1820. She died 
Feb. 24, 1827. 

Alexander Y. Thomson was born Oct. 24, 1824. 

Caleb Thomson, the foorth son of Jacob Thomson the 
, wa^J>orn Nov. 4, 1712, He married Abigail Crosd* 
7- Widied Jan. 19; 1787, in the peventy-fifth year of 
his age. Abigail his wife, died Nov. 23, 179f,CilJf%h%J?^ 
enty-seventh year of her age. 

His children were, William, Nathaniel, Mary, Hannah^ 
Sarah, Abigail, Caleb, Silvia. 

Mary Thomson married Peter Tinkbam. 

Hannah Thomson did not marry. 

Abigail Thomson iftarried John Thomson, 

Sarah Thomson married MiHer. 

Silvia Thomson married Elias Thomas. 

William Thomson, married Deborah Sturtevant. H© 
was a Lieutenant in revolutionary days, and found zealons 
am9ng that band, which braved firitish aggressions. Ib 
Che latter part of his life, he was honored with the com- 
mission of a Justice of the Peace. He died March 14, 
1816, in the sixty-ninth year of his age. 

His children vi*ere. Cakes, William, Cephas, Lucy, So- 
phia, Ira, Galen, Deborah, Arad, Boadice, Irene. 

Oakes Thomson settled in the State of Maine. lU, 
DAarried Hannah Bisbee. 

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I)i8 ehiffireii^w^M, Oahes^ Wmkun, Lueir, Marjr^ 

Wi}liani Thomson, settled in the State of Ms^ne. Hift- 
children were, Otis, William, Hiram, Roxalaaa, Fioriiida». 

Cephas Thonasqn married for bis first wife^ dive Leon- 
9fHi — for his sec4;md wife, Lucy, Thomson. 

His children, bj his first wife, were, Marietta, Elvira,, 
QordieHa, WilHaiq H., Cephas, Floranthe, Jerome, Charles 
F. By his second wife, Julius. 

Marietta Thomson was born Feb. 27, 1803. 

ISlvira Thomson was born July 3, 1804* She married 
George Bonney. ^^ 

Cordelia Thomson was born May 1, 1806. Jfifft ^tft 

William H. Thomson was born Nov. 17, 1807. H^ 
married Mary Miller. His children were John, Cephas. 

Cephas Thomson the second son of Cephas Thomson, 
was bom Aug. 3, 1889. 

Floranthe Thomson was born May 14, 1811. She mar- 
ried Grenville Sproat* 

Jerome Thomson was born Jan. 30, 1814. He married 
Louisa Colden. He has one child* Jerome Thomson, born 
Aug. 11,1839. 

Charles F. Thomso;) was born June 2, 1816. He died 
Sept. 3, 1839. 
. Julius Tbomsoo w^ born Oct. 21, 1824. 

Lucy Thomson m^irried Abner Wood. 

Sophia Thomson. married Eliab Thomson. 

ba Thomson married Sophia, Drew. He settled in the 
State of Maine* 

His children w^e, Suaan, Ira, Elbridge G., Boadicei 
Arady Abigail, Erastua, Job D., Marjf S. 

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Su8«p Tboigson married Rev. Miller. 

Ira Thomson married Lydia Hathaway. 

Clarioda Thomson married William Aldrich. 

Boadice^Thomsou married — — Monroe. 

Galen vnbnwMi, the fifth son of William Thomson Esq., 
settled in the State of Mame. He married for his first 
Y/i(k, Susanna Porter. By her he had one daughter, Su- 
s^tnna Thomson. She was born Oct. 23, 1807, and m^ar- 
ried Solomon Real. 

He married for his second wife, Fanny Marble. IJis 
children by her were, Fanny M., Galen M., Alonzo, Ce- 
phas, Laommi B., Rodolphus, Don Carlos d'Vaudrille. 

Fanny M. Thomson was born March — 1810. 

Galen M. Thomson was born March 23, 1812. He 
married Myrtilla Harlow. He has one son, Cephas Thorn: 
son, born June 2, 1839. 

Alonzo Thomson married Mary J. Dolly. 

Cephas Thomson was born Sept. 1816, and died March 
23, 1838. 

Laommi B. Thomson was born in 1^18. 

Deborah Thomson married Lcmnel Harlow. 

Arad Thomson married Mercy Bourne. He graduated 
at Dartmouth College, and became a physician. 

His children were, Mary W., Ellen, Lucia Ann, William. 

Boadice Thomson married Simeon Leonard. 

Irene Thomson married Daniel Warren. 

Nathaniel Thomson, the second son of Caleb Thomson, 
was born Sept. 13, 1750. He married Hannah Thomas. 
He died Jan. 31, 1833, in the eighty-third year of his a^re. 
Hannah, his wife, died April 10, 1823, in the seventy-thud 
year of her age. 

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His children were, Otis, Salljr, Sybil, Polly, Nancjy 

Bally Thomson was borp, March S, 177^^ Shp Qiarried 
Joseph Cushman. 'She died Feb. 26, iSjyl ^^ 

SjLil Thomson was \>orD April 27, 1780. Shemarrie4. 
for her first husband, James Daniels — for her second has* 
ba^nd, Nathan Bassett. 

Polly Thomson was born April 2, 17S2. She married 
Crocker Cobb. 

Nancy Thomson was born Sept. 2, 1784. She married 
CaReb I^eonard. 

Sabiha Thomson was born in 1786. She, died Sept. 

Otis Thomson was born Sept. 14, 1776. He graduate^ 
at Brown University, in 1798. He settled in the ministry. 
He married for his ikst wife, Rachel Chandler. , She died 
Sept 16, 1827, in the forty-6ighth year of her age. 

He married for his second wife, Charlotte Fales. 

His children, by his first wife, were, Sabina, Lucina, Fi- 
delia, Rachel C, Cl;iarlot^c, Chandler, Josiah, Lucios, 
' Sabina Thomson was born in ^803, 

Lucina Thomson was born iq 1804. 

Fidelia Thomson was born in 1805. She died i^n 1838. 

Rachel C. Thomson was born in 1800. 

Nathaniel Thomson was scalded to death. 

Caleb Thomson, the third son of Cqleb Thomson, mar-i* 
ried Mary ^ei;k ins. ^le died F^b. 9, 1S21. Mary, his 
wife, died Dec. 9. 181 a 

She had fifteen children, which was more than any other 
woman had, belonging to the posterity. 

Their names were. Gains, Sylvia, Msh, Ansel, ^f thatt, 

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Abigail, Serene, Alfred, Mary, Eliza, C^leb, Nathaniel, 
Joanna, Sabina, FrederioM. 

Sylvia ThoiMsoa was born April 5, 1778. She married 
Jacob Cushman. 

Abigail Thomson was born Feb, 8, 1788. She mar- 
. ried Netson Wood. 

Serene Thomson was born March 27, 1784. She mar- 
ried Paul Leonard. 

Mary Tliomson was born March 31, 1787. She died 
June 3, 1788. 

EViza Thomson was born Jan. 25, 1789. She married 
for her first husband, Eleazer Jones — for her second hus- 
band, Nathan Keith. 

Joanna Thomson was bom Aug. 20, 1794, She mar- 
ried Pelatiah Reza. 

Sabina 1'homsoB was born Feb. 9, 1796. She married 
Chester Field. 

Gatus Thomson was born March 18, 1777. He mar- 
ried Olive Tarbox. He was drowned May 19, 1806. 
. His children were, Ansel, Albert, Gaius. 

Jonah Thomson, the second son of Caleb ThomsoQ, 
w^a born April 23, 1779. He married Patience Cushman. 

His children were, Ira, Robert C, Mary P., Lucia, 
Ann, Polly, Ira, Lavinia, Lucy. 

Ansel Thomson, the third son of Caleb Thomson, was 
born Sept. 2, 1780. . He died Sept. 29, 1782. 

Nathan Thomson, the fourth "son of Caleb Thomson, 
was born Nov. 6, 1781 . He died Sept. 17, 1782. 

Alfred Thomson, the fifth son of Caleb Thomson, w*a 
bqrn Sept. 20, 1785. He married Fear Thomson, anj 
(died Feb. 10,1844. 

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His children were, Amanda, Eibridge O.^ Harriet^ Ib* 
rael T., Sabina, Lucy, Everline, Elissa. 

Amanda Thomson married Martin Thomson. 

Harriet Thomson married Asel Thomas. 

Israel T. Thomson married Joanna Town. 
^ Caleb Thomson, the sixth son of Caleb Thomson, vms 
-born Nov. 30, 1790, He married, for his first wife, Lydia 

RusseL For his second wife, Field. He died Jane 

«2, 1837. 

Nathaniel Thomson, the seventh son of Caleb Thomson, 
was born July 23, 1792. He married Susanna Field. 
His children were, Ambrose, Mary P. 

Frederic M. Thomson, the eighth son of Caleb Thom- 
son, vnks born June 20, 1797. He married Susanna 

His children were, Susan, Sarah, Frederick, Charles, 
Caleb, Elizabeth. 

Thomas Thomson, Ihe fourth son of Lieut. John Thom- 
son, was born Oct. 19, 1664. In his fiflieth year he mar- 
ried Mary Morton, in her twenty-fifth year. He died Oct 
36, 1742, aged seventy-eight years and seven days. 

Mary, his wife, died March 20, 1781, in the ninety-fimt 
year of lier agei 

He was a glazier by profession. He set the diamond 
l^flss, BO celebrated in those days, in lead, and adjusted 
them to the window sash. Noah Cushing, a- resident of 
Halifax, served an apprenticeship under him. 

Rev. John Cotton, the first minister in Halifax, gives 
*he following character of him : — '^ Thomas Thomson was 
dM wealthiest man in town ,' but, what was more to his 
honor, he was rich towards God. He was just and' exact 
in all his dealings ; he made ccmscience of all his ways. 

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Ife WAS food to the lniDgry» a father to the'poof« and m 
harbor even to the stranger. The two or three last days df 
bis iife, he seemed to be upheld only to speak forth the 
praises of God. This be kept doing bj turns (Vom Sati^- 
day to Monday evening. Sometimes he would be blessinff 
God for his goodness; sometimes giving advice to bis 
children and relations, or to those who visited him. Itt 
-short, he seemed to be in heaven, while he was on earth. 
He had glorious foretastes of the bliss above. He depart- 
ed with praises on his lips, and with a glorious triumph," 

His children were, Reuben, Mary, Thomas, Amasa, Ah- 
d^w, Ebeuezer, Zebadiah, 

Reuben Thomson was born Oct.- 11, 1716. He mar- 
ried, for his first wife, Mary Thomson. She died July 19, 
1769, in the fiAy-ninth year of her age. He married, for 
liis second wife, the widow Sarah Thomson. She died 
Aug. 20, 1805. He died Sept. 28, 1793, in the seventy^ 
seventh year of his age. His children, by his first Wife, 
were, Deborah, Andrew, Mercy, Abigail, Lucy. By Sa- 
rah, his second wife, Joanna. 

Deborah Thomson was bom July 27, 1740. She mar- 
ried Micah Reed. 

Mercy Thomson was born Sept 21, 1745. She 'died 
Sept 1, 1774, in the twenty-ninth year of her age. 
- Abigail Thomson was born Oct. 25, 17^. She died 
April 2, 1757. 

Lucy Thomson was born Dec. 4, 17^5. She mkrtied 
Thomas Drew. She died Jan 5, 1818. 

Joanna Thomson was born Jab. 19, 1772. She mar- 
ried Doctor Nathaniel Morton. 

Andrew Thomson was bor* Jan. 18,1741. We inir- 
ried Judith Noyes. He died May 23, 1773. Judith, hvi 

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wifefdied April 1^ 1892t iu the ninety-first year of her. agf^ 
His children were, AbigaH^ BeuUen, Abel, Andrew, 

Abigail Thomson was born March 26, 1766. She inaf- 
ried Nehemiah Noyes. She died Dec. 2, 1820. 

Reuben Thomson was born May 9, 1768. He married 
Eunice Whitman. She died M^y 1837, in the sixty -eighth 
year of her age. 

His children were, Andrew, Thomas, Reuben, Beta, 
Clarissa, Mary W., Josiah. 

Clarissa Thomson was born Nov. 7, 1800. She mar- 
ried Nathan Perkins. 

Mary W. Thomson was born March 29. 1805. She 
married Jason Perkins. She died Maich 31, 1838. 

Andrew Thomson was born July 24, 1791. He mar^ 
ried Mercy Tilson. 

His children were, William E., Josephus, Henry, 
Charles, Mary Ann, Henrietta. 

Thomas Thomson was born Feb. 7, 1793. 

Reuben Thomson was born Oct. 24, 1795. He mar- 
ried Sally Washburn. 

His children were^ Henry, Elmlra, Charles, Walter. 

Bela Thomson was born March 28, 1798. 

Josiah Thomson was born Sept. 10, 1807. He died 
April 27, 1838. 

Abel Thomson was born July 15,1770. He married 
Elizabeth Leach. She died Jan. 9, 1841, in the eighty* 
third year of her age. 

His children were, Abigail, Giles. 

Abigail Thomson was born May 11, 1791. She mar- 
ried Harvey Kimball. 

Giles Thomson wat bora June 3, 1794, He married 
Fanny Waterman, . 

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His QhUdren were, Jofepb W., Daniel S., Abigail/ 

Andrew Thomsoa was born Aug. 28, 1772/ He died 
^lay 23, 1773. 

Marjr Tbomdon, the daughter of Thomas Thomsoa the 
first, was born in 1718. She married Sarauel Watermao. 

Thomas Thomson, the second son of Thomas Thomson,* 
was born in 1720. He married Mary Loring. He died 
Sept. 14, 1769, in the fifUeth year of his age. Mary, hi* 
wife, died May 17, 1802. ' 

His children were, Joshua, Asa, Ignatius, Sarah, Mary, 
Loring, Lois,^^ th,;^homas, Bezer, Caleb, Sarah. 

Sarah Thamsmi was born April 5, 1752. She died 
Nov. 27, 1769. — " 

Mary Thomson was born Sept. 16, 1754. She married 
for her first husband, Abijah Tyrrel ; for her second hus- 
band, Job Chamberlain ; for her third husband, Asa 

Lois Thomson was born April 12, 1758. She married 
Eiiab Knapp. 

Sarah Thomson was born Jan. 12, 1770. She married 
Ford Bryant. , , 

Joshua Thomson was born July 22, 1746. He died Ju- 
ly 27, 1747. 

Asa ThomIson was born March 15, 1748^ He mar- 
C JCi^^4<V>^^ ^^^^ wife, Rebecca Campbell. For his second 
wife, widow Priscilla—Phrifllips. Rebecca, his wife, died 
Oct. 23, ISOS, in the sixty-ninth year of her age. 

His children were, Ignatius, Nehemiah, Asa, Eliab, R^ 

Rebecca Thomson was born March 15, 1782. Sh« 
narried Samuel Ramsdel. 

Igaatitis Tbomsoo was borq S|arch ll* 1774. H^fra4« , 

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aated at Brown Umverftity in 1796. He settled in tbe 
tainiertry at Pomiret, Termoot. Some years after his dii- 
inission, he joined the Methodist Episcopal Church. He 
is author of the Patriot's Monitor, Compiler of the present 
work. He has been a member of the Legislature of Ver- 
mont, — a member ol the convention of Censors under the 
former Constitution, and a Justice of the Peace. 
' Nehemiah/fhomson was born May 9, 1775. He mar- * 
ried Experience Curtis. 

His children were, Phebe W., Dexter C, Joshua C, 
Experience C, Mary M., Joan Vf.^JLe^^ 

Phebe W. Thomson was born Aprjl 15, 1797. She 
died April 19, 1840, in the forty-third year of her age. 

Dexter C. Thomson was born April 11, 1800. He 
married Harriet. Bosworth. He holds (he commission of 
a Justice of the Peace. 

His children were Nehemiah, Harriet D. 

Nehemiah Thomson was born Oct. 7, 1835. 

Harriet D. Thomson was born April 14, 1841. 

Joshua C. Thomson was born Dec. 26, 1801. He 
married Lucy C. Weston. His children were, Joshua C, 
Clarissa C, Joan C. ' 

Joshua C. Thomson died Nov. 7, 1829, three days old. 

CHarissa C. Thomson was born June 15, 1833.^ *^ ^*J 

Joan C. Thomson was born Feb. 8, 1836. ^^^ '^^ 

Experience C. Thomson was torn Feb. 16, 1806. She 
married George Waterman. 

Mary M. Thomson was born July 4, 1810. She mar- 
ried Ebenezer T. Soule. She died Aug. 7, 1832, in the 
tWenty-ihird year of her age. 

• Joan . W. Thpnispn was born March 21, jSl4. She 
marricefieiijanfMiW. Harlow. 

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Ass TPliomson was born Aug. 19, 1776. He married 
Hannab Thomson. He was a Captain ia a volunteer 

His children were, Larned H., Stella, Hannah M., Ich- 
abod^ Mahitabel, Lucy C, Sarah W., Rebecca L. 

learned H. Thomson was born Sept. 24, 1807. 

Stella Thomson was born March 29, 1809. 

Hannah M. Thomson was born Jan. 14, 

lohabod Thomson was born April 27, ISl 

Mahitabel Thomson was born March 9, 1815. 

Lucy C. Thomson was born Feb. 1, 1818, She mar* 
ried Ira Bailey. 

Sarah W. Thomson was born June 13, 1820. She 
married Samuel B. Carver. 

Rebecca L. Thomson was born Aug. 2, 1826. 

l^liab Thomson was born Dec. 8, 1778. He married 
-Sophia Thomson, and settled in the State of Indiana. He 
died of the small pox, March, 1818. 

His children were, Sophia, Fidelia, Rebecca, Debdrah, 
Irena, Elmira, Eliab M., Ira W. 

Fidelia Thoms^on married Joab Bullarrf. 

Rebecca Thomson married Samuet Olmsted^ 

Irene Thomson married Samuel Inglerite. 

Eliab M. Thomson was born Feb. 2l, 1816. 

Ira W. Thomson was bord in 1818. 

Ignatius Thomson, the third son of Thomas Thomson, 
was born Aug. 24, 1750. He died Jan. 22, 1770. He 
commenced a concordance to the Bible, but did not live 
10 finish it. 
' LofttifV Tfii>Hsorr, the^fe^ aon of Thomas Tfaoro^ 

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iK>n, was born April 5{a, 1756. He settled on tbeCoopeo- 
ticut River', in the State of New Hampshire. 

He married for his Brst wife, Mary W hitton, for his sec- 
ond wife, 'iSwiili»gton,-rfor bis, third wife^ Rachel 

Whitton, • 

His children by his first wife, were, Bezer, Mary, L^dia, 

By his second wife, Sally, Samuel, Stephen. 
^Mtt^MlS^ Zadock settled in the State of Ohio, and 
there died. Zadock was Cojonel in the Militia. 

Mary and Lydia married in Vermonl. 

Sally married. 

Samuel enlisted in the late war, and died. 

Stephen lives in Claremont, New Hampshire. He bu 
two sons, Stephen and James. 

Sbth Thomson, the fifth son of Thomas Thomson, was 
born June 18, 1760. He married Mary Waterman, and 
settled in the State of Ohio, where he died. 
, His children were, Sylvia, Seth, ApoUos, Mary^ Zeba- 
diah, Thomas, Hannah, Deborah, Robert, George. 

Svlvia and Apollos married and settled in Vermont. 
OiMm miU/l^i^llJJtlHfmi Th« rest ar« 
settled in Ashtabula County, Oh'io. 

Thomas Thomson, the sixih son of Thomas Thomson, 
was born May 27, 1762. He married Rubamab Barrows. 
He settled in Vermont, and there died. 

His children were, Deborah, Lois, Thomas, Moses. 

Deborah Thomsoli married Stevens. 

Lois Thomson married Stacy Bingham. 

Bezer Thomson, the seventh son of Thomas Thomson, 
was born Feb. 27, 1765. He died March 24, 1773. 

Cakb Tbomsoii t^e eigbffa Km of Tbomat TiuMi»ii» 

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n^as born March 23, 1767. He married Eunice King, aac( 
settled in Ohjo^ He had que son* Bezer Thomson. 

^masa Thomson, the third soi^ of Thomf^s Thoixvioi^ 
the first, was born April 29, 1722, He married iLydii^ 
Cobb, and died May 7, 1807, in the eighty-fifth year of 
his age^ Ljdia, his wife,, died Aug. 22,, 1809, in t|i6 
njnety-second year of her age. 

His children were Ruth, Zadock, Lydia, Molly. 

Ruth Thomson, was born Jan. 14, 1745. She married 
Simeon Sturtevant, and died May 8, 1831. 
' Zadock Thomson was born May 11, 1747. He died 
Qep. i, 178€i, in tlie fortieth year of his age. 

Tiydia Thomson was born May 9, 1752. She married 
Oliver Holmes. 

MoJJy Thomson was born Decf. 13, 17^. She married 
Adam Thomson. ^^^72f^ 

Andrew Thomson, the fourth son of fhomas Thomson^ 
was born in 1724. He died young. 

Ebenezer Thomson was born March 22, 17^6, He 
married Mary Wright, ai^d died Sept. 10, 1813, in the 
eighty-seventh year of his age. Mary, his wife, died Nov. 
29, 1804. He held the commission o( a Justice oi the 
Peace, a number of years. 

His children were, Susanna, Josiah, Ebenezer, Mary, 

Susan n4( Thomson was born June 4, 1749. She mar- 
ried Stephen Ellis. She died March 24, 18^ in the 
eighty-sixth year of her age. IC * 

» Josiah Thomson was born June^, 1751. He enlist^ 
ed a Lieutenant in the revolutionary army. He was one 
of those rare persons, who refuse promotion when ofiered 
to him. His reply wa», *^ I aia satisfied with my 6fi$ce/*. 

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** I engaged to servp mv country, andnp^ for pfomotipn.** 
Aher his father, through the weight of y^ars, declined hdt- 
ding the office of Justice of the Peace, he was commis- 
Moned, and regularly held th^ same,.titi near the close of 
lift. He died July 23, 1828, in the seVenty-eigbt year of 
his age. 

EBENczEit Thomson was born Oct. 18, 175S. He mar- 
ried Deborah Prior.. He died March II, 1841, in the 
eigKty-eighth year of his age. Deborah his wife died April 
9, 1817. 

He had one ison^ Jabez P. Thomson. He was bora 
Jan. 15, 1787. He married Sally Briggs. He was a 
Captain in a volunteer company and has been a member 
of the Legislature of Massachusetts, and had the commis- 
sion of a Justice of the Peace. 

His children Mejj*uEpThraim B., Deborah P., Edwin. 

Ephraim B? W»dt!hon was born Nov. 11, 1813. He 
married Eliza R. Soule. He was a member of the Leg- 

His children were, Ellen A., Sarah B.» Lucy M. 

Ellen A. Thomson was born Jan. 3, 1837. 

Sarafr B. Thomson was born July 22, 1838. 

Lucy M. Thomson was born May 12, 1840. 

Mary Thomson was born April 28, 1757. She married 
Elijah Howard. 

Eunice Thomson was born Sept. 10, 1765.^ ^^he mar- 
ried James Soule. IShe died Aug. 18, 1811. /*, 
^ ZebedkA Thomson, the sixth son of Thomas Thomson, 
was born Aug. 18, upS, He married Zerviah Standish. 
He died Sept. 30, 1775, in the forty-eighth year of his age. 
Zerviah his wife died July 25, 1769. 

His children were, Rebecca, Rachel, Zervia)^, Zebcdi- 

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alv Tbonifl% M^rejf. Ze^diab, Moses, JUcM. 

Rebecca Thomson was born March 5, 1746. She , 
married FraoQis Woods. She died Aug> 17, 1S13, in the 
sixty-seventh year of her age. 

Rachel Thomson was born Jan. 22« 1748. She died ' 
May 7, 1751. 

Zerviah Thomson was born March 17, 1750- She 
marrj^ fiphraim Fuller. She dJed/M arch 19^ ITlS^in 
thegSy-ihird year of her age. Mffjf ^Sm^^ /^J^^ 

MeWy Thomson was born Oc^^K 1756. She married ^ 
Matthew Parris. ^* ^ *^ 

Rachel Thomson was born Oct. 22, 1767. She married 
Eliab Thomson *^ 

Zebadiah Thomson was born Dec. 17i 1752. He died 
Nov. 7, 1753. 

Thomas Thomson was bprn Nov. 17, 1754. He died 
Dec. ID, 1837, in the eighty-third year of his age. 

Zebadiah Thomson was born Dec, 15, 1758. He 
married, for his first wife, Clarissa Sturtevant. For his 
second wife, widow Phebe Curtis. Clarissa, his wife, died 


year of her age. He was a Captain in a volunteer 
company. He died Nov. 4, 1840, in the eighty-fourth 
year of his age. . He has been a member of the Legislature, 
and had a Justice of the Peace commission. 

.His children w6re, Clarissa, Zebadkh. 

Clarissa Thomson died Feb. 4« 17 8g aged three months. 

Zebadiah Thomson was born Ma^ffe, 1784. He mar- 
red Martha Briggs. 

His children were, Clarinda, John T. Z., Clara, Mar- 
tha B., Rebecca W. 

J^Z^ $• ^'^Zi 


M / 

piarinda VUpmson 4ted Fph. 8^ 1810. aged two jesn 
ana six months. 

John ^, Z. Thomson was born Sept. 8, 1811. Ho 
B^arried Sage TUdep. 

Clara Thomson was born Oct. 27, 1806. She married 
Re?. Thomas A. Spillman. She died April 11, 1840. 

Martha B. Thomson was born Sepf. 6, 1889. She 

^^ HMSni W. Thodl^as born Oct. 3, ISiqg^tio 
died Jan. 27. \Q^ «^ 

Moses THoafspN,*the fourth son of Zebadiah Thom- 
son, was born July I, 1762. He married Abigail Samp? 
•qn. His children .\yere, Zerviah, Nancy, Mercy. 

Zerviah Thomson was born June 24, 1784. She mar- 
ried Timothy Smith. 

Nancy Thomson was born Sept. 29, 1793. She mar-, 
ried, for her first husband, William Soule. For her sec- 
ond husband, Isaac Soule. 

Mercy Thomson was born Feb. 24, 1800. She mar- 
ried Consider Fuller. 

Peter Thomson, the fifth son of Lieut. John— Thomgnia,i# 

His children were, Peter, Joseph, James, Hannah. 
Peter Thomson was born in 1700. He married, for his 
first wife, Hannah Bolton. By her he had two children/ 
Hannah, Peter. Hannah^ his wife, died, July 6, 1755, in 
"the thirty-fifth year f£ her age. JHe married, for bis sec- 
ond wife, Lydia CjBjp.. 41e died Nov. 2, 1791, in the 
ninety-first year of his age. Lydia, his wife, died May 12, 
1800, in the seventy-fifth jea^of her a^rc, and one hundred 
jears afteir his birtb. 

V^'iV .^ ^i^ 


July 28, 1747. 

Peter Tliomsoii wft» bar« 4|Hrii 9ftl%i7. He was 
d(#ivQed, Mmrcb 2, 1750. 

JiMesh Tbomson^ the second wfi of Pet(9f TJmmdvob^ 
married BeUy Boiton. I)e <)ie4 of jlli0 ain«i peac* 

His children were, Betty, Joseph, John, Sarah, Hanaab. 

BettjF Thomson married Nicholas Wadeu . ^ 

Joseph Thomson married J^rutba Wood. He iM. of 
the small poa at Camhr tdge, a soldier of the FerolatioB^ 
Auff. 1778. Jernsha, his wife, died I>ee» l^ 1809. 

Ilis children weyje, Jtosepb^ Uanaabt Timotl^, Amos, 

Joseph Thomson was bora April 38, 1763. He var- 
ried Priscilla Riplej, and died Deo. 90, 1808, in the forty- 
fifth yesf of his age. 

Priscilla, his wife, died Ang. 8^ ISQO, ift the tUrtietb 
year of her age. 

He had o^ daaghler, #»ciUa TboMoa. She vaa bom 
Sept. 18, 1797. She maA^ James A. Bourn. 

HanoMh Thomson waft bom Nov. fi, 1700. She ^d 
Dec. 31, 1771. 

Timoihy^ Thomson wa» hgra Ja». iiO, 17j50« Hemsr- 
ried Snsavoa Cuahtng. He wiMi biffiuiiUy mof^ into 
the SuUie of Connecticut, ^dtbeir^died. 

His children wm'e, Isabella &» Timo^, Sarah Q.^ Jbf 
M^ Sc^aaaa, Sophrona, Coiumbaa. , 

Isabella C. Thoaisoa ws bom Jaa/aO,, 1808. 

Timothy Thomson was bora Jaae 17,^ 1805. 

Sarah C. Tbomsoa was bora Ang. 18, 1807. 

Jceeph Tbomsoa was bora 8^. Uh 180ft, 

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Amos Thomson^ 4be Aird son of Joseph Tfaomson, died 

Hannah Thomson was born March 523, 1774. 

John Thomson, the second son of Joseph Thomson the 
first, was born Oet. H, 1787. He married Martha Bisbee. 
He died Jan. 19, 1776, Martha, his wife, ^ied Feh; 10, 

The names of his children are lost to us. One of -them 
is supposed to ha?e beefi* among the first settlers of Men- 
don. The rest went into the western part of MassachuK 
setts. It is- said they named the place where they settled. 
Petersham, tn grateful remembrance of their great-grand 
father, Peter Thomson. 

Sarah Thomson, f he sister of John Thomson, was born 
April 17, 1744. She married Luther Keith. 

Hannah Thomson, her sister, was bom May 19, 1748. 
She died Marcii 7, 17^. 

James Thomson, the son of Peter Thomson the first, 
was drowned t^otetnber 23, 17OT in Crosdman's Pond in 
Kingston. -^ 

Hannah Thomson, the' sister of James Thomse^, mar- 
ried Nehemiah Bosworth. 

The town of Mendon was first settled by an assoetation 
of a number of persone in Braintree, Weymouth and ad- 
joining towns. One of John Thomson's sons is supposed 
to belong to ^^is .association. Thej had the town surv^. 
ed, and each roan's^allotment made, before they attempt* 
ed to settle in the place. This delay was designed as a 
precaution against an Indian inrasKm. H may foe the 
Surfeyors did not know the^iTen name of all the associa- 
tion. They designated thelot drawn to this son Of John 
Thomson, by the name of Goodman Thomson. It stands 

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tMXMi the town recofirdt of Mendon TVie title of Goodman, 
€8 given to one or two more of this association. It may 
be remembered by some of tbeoltf est persons, that those 
9n early day» who were members of the church, were ad- 
•dressed by the title of Good, or Goodman. 

One of those who came to Plymouth in the Mayflower, 
«ind who died that winter, was known by the name of 
Croodman. It may be in reference to him he was named. 

It is said, after settlements were made in Boston and its 
vicinity, three brothers came to Boston by the name of 
Thompson — they were of Irish descent. Two of them 
^settled nortli of Boston, and the third settled in Connec- 

Thomas Thompson, who was one of the first settlers in 
Springfield, ia probably the same, who is said to have set- 
tled in Connecticut. The celebrated Benjamin Thomp- 
son, (Count Rumfordy) was born in Woburn, north of 
Boston. ^ 

* Ebenezer Thomson wi« in both the French and Revolution- 
•aiyWfirs. SJeepageJW. 

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Mary, ^ther> 
Lydia, Jacobs 




Of John. 

Of Jacob. 

Of Thomas. Of PxTxa. 



Reuben, Peter, 




Mary, JoMph, 
Th«ma% Jamea* 



Ama^^ Hannah. 


















Of JoHir. 

Of Jacob. 

Of RitTBSK. Of PsTBft. 



Deborah, Peter, 


Andrew, Hannah. 

Of Ephkaxi 


Mercy, Of Josxpb. 

u Of JoHir, 

Abigail, Betty. 
Lucy, Joaeph, 





Joanna. John, 

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, Of Tw 

> ^SP^ 
^ Tbomaa, 

Of Shubael. 


Of Jacob. 
) Jacob, 

OfBAftintfjia.'Of Ta«nk«. Sanb, P 

Of Jem; 


Joshua, HaBDaik 













Isaac, . 









Of AiEAsa. 



Of Cau». 














• ' _ :_ 



Of ZmBMMikm 










Of Jaoov, 

Of AirnMW« 





\ tN 

* ♦ < * "qitizedbv Goggle 


Thaddeusy Bei^«raiv 

Nathan^ Merer, 

Zacheus, Eliasabethi 

Elizabeth, Ruth, 

Stephen. Fneelove^ 

Of Peter. Jacob. 

Levi, Of NoAK 

Ezekiely Barnabas, 

Eliab, Darid, 

Asaph. Noah^ 

Of Feakcis* Abel, 

Zilbha, JohnH. 

Rebecca, Priscilla, 

Elias, Bet^ 

Thomas^ Cromwell, 

C^)mthia, Eliho^ . 

Reuel, Charles. 
Mar]r, Of Isaac. 

FranoiSi. J«be% 

Of Nathait. Isaac, 

Sarah, OUve^ 

Susanna^. Jacobs . 
J i ttgaSiafe Abigail. 

Jane, Of Ada«. 

Abisha^ Samuel, 

Mary, Adam, 

Margaret^ Ward, 

Bethiah. Zadock. 

Of Jomr; Of IcjUBO0» 

Shubael, James, 

Susanna, Hannaht 

Isaac, Sarah. 

John, Of WiUiiAM. 

Lydia, Oakes, 

iara, William, 

Samh, Ceplias^ 

Wua, tttcjr,, . 

Reuben, Hannah,^ 

Abel, TiMMAjr 

Andrew. Amos, 

Of Asa. HaniuJu. 


Of LoEiifo&. 
Samuel. * 

Of Sets*. 






Of Ebenekse;. 


Of ZvSA^IAtt.. 


d by Google 




Of Jacob, 
Margaret M. 




Cralen, . 







Of Moase. 






Of Calxs. 

Of f^HEAUf. Sylvia, 

Ephraim, Jonah, 

Hannah, Ansel, 

Siks, Nathaa, 

Rhoda, Abigail, 

David, Serene, 

Francis, Alfred, 

Bethiah, Mary, 

Folly, Eliza, 

Phebe, Caleb, 

Sally. Nathamel^ 

Of DAmcx. Joanna, 

Samuel, Sabina, 

Moilf , Fiederick M. 
Fear, Daniel 


Of Thadbeus. Of 8o&oMolf. Of Rbubbk. 

Betty, Lucy, Andrewv 

John, Lydia, Thomas, . 

Aannie^ Solomen, Reuben, 

Of JoSXffB. 

Of TiMOorvr. 

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Mmy, Sola, 

Calvik Clarissa, 

Jacob. Mary W. 

Of BBifMOMl»« Josiah. 

Betsey W. 
Mary B. 

Of Zachkus. Abser B. 







James D. 
Of Jacob. 

Of Stkpbkn, Freeman, 






Of Eliab. 




Of Amx« 

Dexter C. 
Josbua C. ' 
Experience C 

Of A«ii. ^ 
Lamed H, 
Hannah M* 








Of BABirABAB.Mahitabeiy 






Of Datu^ 

Of Anki. 


Lucy C. 
Sarah W. 
Rebecca Ij^ 


Rebecca, * 
Eliab M. 
OTJabbs P. 

Ephs^Um 3< 
Deborah pT. 

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Sites W. 

Oliver H. 


Of Rbuxx.. 









Ivory H. 


Martha B. 

PriaciUa W. 


Rebecca W. 











Of Tbomas. 





Mary A. 


Abiffail A. 


Fanny M. 


Orlando C. 



Of SauBASL. Of Elihu. 





Of Isaac. 

Of Chaujcs. 




Evdtne A. 




Of Jabss. 






Icbabod W. 






Samuel V. 


Of JOBlf. 



Betsey W. 
Of Isaac 






Digitized iDyV^OOQlC 





Christojiher C 

Of Ezra. 













Of Jacob. 

^ ~ - 









Lewis S. 

Of Jac^b. 


Polly K. 



Caroline M. 


Of Samukih 




Lydia C. 



Maria P. 



Of Adam. 





Of Zaoocb. 



Rebecca P. 











Of Ward. 


MoUy H. 

Of SrsRAiM. Waca. 

"Digitized by Google 







Jereraiab F. 


Of Silas. 

Daniel W- 
Silas B. 

Of FaANCis. 

Of DArasL. 
Israel T. 

Of Jam EI. 
Louisa W. 
James W. 
Charies a P. 
Philo H. 


Alexander V. 
Of Oaksi. 

Of WiLUAJt. 







Of Cephas. 
WUliam H. 
Charles F. 

Of Iea. 

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Galen M. 
DooCarloa } 
DTaudrille. ( 
Of Aka». 
Maiy W. 
Lucia AmL 


Ldicinat • 
Rachel C 
Of GAn». 



Lucta Ana, 

Digitized byV^OOQlC 


Of Alvmbh. 





Of Fiisi>*kM. 






Of Ammi.. Of Solomoit. Of Axtdiisw. 

Laeiius Maria, WStUm S. 

Ammiel, Elvira, Joeephua, 

Edwaid F. Albert, Hemr, 

Of Eliab. Jamea, Chanes, 

Hannah W. Harriet, Mary Aon, 

Edwin, Harria. Henrietta. 

Aaaph P. Of Caltih. Of Rku^xit. 

Of Vimja. Calvin, Hemy, 

Clarinda, Edward, Elmira, 

Franklin S. Hewy, Charleg^ 

Venm. Maifuel^ Walter. 

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Of PmLi.Ni>tiuGeorge, 
Angelina, Robert 

Henry A. 
Mary E. 

Of Thomas. 
Of Israel W. Edward W. 
Leander. Eliza R 

Of Rkuel. 
Sarah J. 

IvOTy B. 
Jerusha A. 

Of Marston. 

Of Jacob. 

Or AbnerB. 
Sarah E. 

Ellen W. 

Of Benjamin. 
Mary R 

Of James D. 
Abigail K. 

Of Barnabas. 

Harriet M. V. Harrison P. 
Of Charles. Josepha F, 

Of Dextbr^Cw 

Harriet IX 
Of Joshua C* 
Joshna C. ^ 
Clarissa (X 
Joan a ' 
Of Ephraim R 
Ellen A. 
Sarah B. 
Lucy M. 

Of GiLBBi 

Joseph W. 


. 1 








Florella D. 
James W. 
Mardana R* 
Caroline A. 
Hannah L. 
Sarah J. 

Ephraim^ Of Zadock* 

Henry L. 

Of Ezra. 

Of Pbleg. 

Harriet T. 
Adaline P. 
Of Salmon. 
Charies O. 
George E. 


Mary A. 

Of Elkanah. Lacien D. 
Caroline F. Harriet N, 
Olive S. OfOTiD, 

01tTer» Noah C 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 


WiUiam H. 

Of Lbvl 

Rosza Ann, 

Rinaldo B. 

Leonard S. 

Of Lewis. 
Lewis H. 
Marcus M. 

Of Jacob. 
George W. 
Franklin W, 
Mary J. 
Vernon M. 
Frances M. 
Jacob P. 


Lysander M. 
Of Seth. 

Noah C. 
Alvinzy W. 

v,SanJi S. 


Cynthia A. 
Edwin F. 

Abel A. 
Sarah Ann M» 
Ellen R. 

Of Arioch. 
Velina R. 
Adaline A. 
Arioch A. 


William A. 
Abigail CL 
Of SaiSkl V. 
Samuel G. 


Eliza J. 
Of Amasa. 

Maria P. 
Of Jbroms* 


Charles H. Of Galbn M. 

Elizabeth E. 
Of Abmer. 
Daniel W. 
Pardon G. 


Digitized by V^OOQIC 


Of AlAA. 

Eebecca, ^ ^ ^ 

Marcus M. 

Of Martik. 
Henry N. 
Amaada M. 

Of Edwaed. 
Hcnrjr F. 

Of GiLMAir. 
Cbarl«s G. 


Of CHAftLBt. ^^ 

Susan A. *%? ^^ 

Lorenzo M. 
Of Jamxs. 

James, -- - ^^ 

Robert '♦^^ <mm^ 

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RcsiDBircB. No. Coj^jn. 

Rev. Lewis Bates, 

Taunton, 1 

Solomon Beal, 

Middleborough, 1 

Maj. Jacob Bearce, 

Hanson, .1 

Jacob Bennet, Seo. 

Middleborough, * .1 

Maj. Thomas Bennet, 

t€ . « 1 

Capt John Bennet, 

Rochester, 1 

Libbeus Bosworth, 

Halifax, 1 

Mrs. Dulcina Bourne, 

•* 1 

Mrs. Jennet Bourne, 

Hanson, 1 

Mrs, Charity Bryant, 

E. Bridgewater, 1 

Wid. Deborah Cornish, 

Halifax, 1 

Melfin C. Crooker, 

t* 1 

Thomas Cushman, 

Bridgewater, 1 

William Davis, 

Middleborough, •! 

Mrs. Harriet N. Demming, 

Halifax, 1 

Capt. George Drew, 

it 1 

James T. Drew, 

«« o 

CapU Thomas Drew,' 

t* 1 

Cyrus Drew, 

it 1 

Lydia H. Drew, Instruc- \ n^..^^ , 

tress of the Blind, 

/- A#V»tVU, K 

James D. Fuller, - 

Halifax. 1 

George Gross, 

HanaoD, 1 

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Wid. Rebecca Harris, 

Gen. John H. Hathaway, 

Esq. Obadiab Lyoo, 
Anna Leach, 
Mary Ann Marshall, 

Esq. Thomson Miller, 

Doct. Cyras Morton, 

Nathaniel Morton, 
Elbridge G. Morton, 

H/Tl-S. Elmira Packard, 

Mrs. Joanna Peterson, 
Nathan Perkins, 

Mrs. Amanda Richmond, 

Jilrs. Charky Rogers^ 
Samuel Rnmsdel, 
Jacob Soul e, 

Copt. William TiL^on, 
Josiah Tilson, 
Albert Thmnas, 
Zebndiah Tliomson, 

C/spt. Jabez P Thomson, 

Ephraim B. Thomson, 
John T. Z. ThoMon, 

t?apt. Zadoelc I'homsoo, 
Hannah Thomson, 
Cyrus Thomson, 
Albert Thomson, 
Abel Thomson* 
Reuben Thomson,. 
Isaac ThonuNm., 
Lysander Thomson, 
Otis Thomson, 

E. Bridgewater, 
« «( 




E. Bridgevratfir^ 
Dux bury, 

E. BridgewatAr> 



E. Bridgewater, 


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Capt. Asa Thomson, 

Nehemiah Thomson, 
Jacob Thomson, 
Mariette Thomson, 
Ward Thomson, 
'Ammiel Thomson, 
Lucius Thomson, 

Esq. Dexter C. Thomson, 
Larned H. Thomson, 
Ichabod Thomson, 

Dea. Solomon Thomson, 
George Thomson, 
Martin Thomson, 
Anutsa Thomson, 
Sdw«rd Thomson, 
Jerome Thomson, 
Joshua C. Thomson^ 
Reuben Thomson, 
Arioch Thomson^ 

Gen. James D Thomson, 
Ephraim Thomson, 
Pelt-g Thomson^ 
' "Ohnrles- Thomson, 
Josiah Thomson, 
Abraham Thomson, 
Experience Thomson, 
James Thomson, 
Levi Thompson, 

Esq. David Thomson, 

Samuel V Thomson, 

Wid. Lvdia Wade, 

William U. Wood» 





New Bedford, 


E. Bxidffewater, 

u it- 

•< <t 

W. Bridg;ewater, 

Bridgewater, Vt. 

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Levitt Wood, 




Nathan T. Wood, 



Silas Warren, 



Page 9. 11th line from the top, for iSlto^e read stttU. 
Page 17. 15tfa line from the top, for IMsingtoH read Hau- 
Page 21. 7th line from the bottom, for Dec. 19 read Dec. 2L 
Page 32. 8th line fiom the top, for K read H, 
Page 39. 14th line from the top, for W. read H. 
Page 43. 10th line fh>m the top, for Salmon read Alw^oru 
Page 47. 2d line from the top, read Lydia C 
Page 48. 6th line from the bottom, for Lawru read l^iurtL, 

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